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The lack of trust in digital advertising is a prevalent problem. While service providers bear the risk of nonpayment, advertisers run the risk of receiving unsatisfactory results after paying. Bigbom Eco, with smart contract technology, provides an effective solution to this problem. Smart contract allows all transactions to be transparent, irreversible, and corruption-free as there is no meddling of a third party.

UniDex is Midas’ multi-chain decentralized exchange for innovative cryptocurrencies. Tokens on UniDex can be converted from one blockchain to another to bring the usefulness of cryptocurrencies to the next adoption level on a global scale. This year, UniDex has successfully integrated with Ethereum, Tomochain, Binance chain and Mcashchain, allowing cross-chain swapping across 4 chains. More chains are on the way to be integrated such as Zcoin, Klaytn. UniDex is running directly as dApp on Midas Protocol wallet for convenience and ease of use.

On October 4th, Bigbom have issued BBOM, a BigBom’s token, on Mcashchain. And now, we are excited to announce that you can swap BBO (ERC20) for BBOM (M1) at a ratio of 1:1 on UniDex both ways. So when users need to use BBO ERC20 for dApp on Ethereum or BBOM M1 for dApp on McashChain, they can just simply swap. Freedom of choice at its best.

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