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Greetings to all Pioneers, Midasians and friends of Midas!

The current on-going Midas Protocol ICO is progressing well and our Pioneer Sales will end on 10 June 2018. Even though the fundraising is for Midas Protocol, we think this is the right time to unveil the whole Ecosystem of Midas.

Pillar 1: Midas Protocol 3-in-1 Wallet

As written in our whitepaper, Midas Protocol is a multi-crypto-currencies wallet that users can use to store multi-cryptocurrencies and tokens; and conduct complex trading activities directly from wallet with multiple DEXs and CEXs, using multiple advanced order-types including automated execution settings; spend crypto-currencies on any consumer-brand outlets and any e-commerce platform that integrate with Midas wallet.

Midas Protocol Wallet will be available on both Desktop and Mobile, in 3 versions: Free, Light and Pro. Users and traders can choose the version that suits them most. In paid versions, users can pay their subscription by MAS token.

Some other key functions worth highlighted:

  • Leaderboard that ranks users/traders in term of portfolio growth so that top 10% best traders will be rewarded.
  • Leaderboard that will allow junior traders to follow/copy trade from seniors for a fee, paid in MAS.
  • AI-assisted portfolio rebalancing
  • AI-assisted market condition forecast
  • Curated news, personalized to user’s portfolio
  • Midas-as-a-Service (MAAS) to provide wallet integration into other ecosystems

Midas Protocol’s development is run by Midas Core Pte Ltd, a Singapore incorporated company (UEN 201812525R).
The Alpha Version of Midas Protocol will be released on 15th of September 2018, followed by bi-weekly upgrade. Beta in November 2018.

Pillar 2: Midas Foundation

Midas Foundation is a Decentralised Autonomous Organization that runs on a web-based platform. It aims to kickstart potential frontier technology projects, provide reliable information and validate projects according to Global Transparency Alliance Framework. Midas Foundation is dedicated to bring the most of benefits and rewards to Midas Pioneers & Midasians as well as to grow and protect their investments in Midas Ecosystem. The ultimate objective of Midas Foundation is to innovate in such a way that it can provide passive income and smart investment opportunities to the Pioneers through rewards/airdrops from those projects that are supported by the Foundation.

Some highlight functions to take note:

  • Midas Pioneers can submit projects for Midas Board and Midas Community’s perusal.
  • There will be 3 rounds of vote: Expert voting (internal), Pioneers voting (public) and Midasians voting (public). Pioneers will be ranked into 5 levels of Midas Power based on their MAS holding position, giving them different power in voting. Midasians will vote based on MAS stakes.
  • When voting, both Pioneers and Midasians will be rewarded with MAS token for their voting effort as token of appreciation.
  • Projects passed 3 rounds of vote will have to give rewards to the participants as airdrops (using Vinex Airdrop Center) and offer higher bonuses to Pioneers during their ICO sales (if any).
  • Pooling function only available to Pioneers to invest in ICOs supported by Midas Foundation, to get maximum bonus.

The Alpha Version of Midas Foundation will be released on the 15th of June 2018, followed by bi-weekly upgrade.

Pillar 3: Vinex Network Crypto Exchange

As stated in our whitepaper, Midas Protocol Wallet will be integrated to both CEXs and DEXs. For Midas Protocol Wallet to reach the highest standard of security when integrated with centralized exchange, Vinex Network is created in order to test all types of possible cyber-attacks to an exchange. Vinex Network is also our research ground for all functionalities, especially different type of buy - sell customized orders and AI assisted portfolio balancing. This centralized exchange use Midas Token (MAS) as base coin for its trading fees. Beside trading pairs with BTC and ETH, it also has trading pair with MAS. This exchange provides not only crypto - crypto trading functionality but also crypto - fiat capability which can be enabled depending on jurisdiction. MAS token collected at Vinex Network will be burned periodically.

This exchange is run by Vinex Network Pte Ltd, a Singapore incorporated company (UEN 20189001H)

Only Midas Pioneers will be entitled to access and test use all the functions of Vinex Network which includes the test use of this centralized exchange as Airdrop Center for new ICOs that are supported by Midas Foundation.

In this early version, we will have:

  • High Performance: capability to process 500,000 orders per second
  • Multiple coin and token support: BTC, ETH, MAS, EOS, BCH, LTC, DASH, XZC, KNC, TOMO
  • Multilingual Support: English and Mandarin
  • All Devices Covered: Web and Android first, others arriving soon after
  • Extensive APIs: Support 3rd-party trading platforms and algorithmic trading bot
  • Referral Program: 5 levels of commission
  • Multiple user power level: Based on trading size and frequency. Higher level receives higher bounty and airdrop
  • New token listing will be selected and voted by Midas Pioneers and Midasians.

The Alpha Version of Vinex Network will be released on the 8th of August 2018, followed by bi-weekly upgrade.

We hope that with this summary, Midas Pioneers will have more clarity and better overview of the Midas Ecosystem - which is founded with your early contribution and to serve your life-long benefits!

Visit our social channels for latest update and discussion on Midas Ecosystem:
Telegram: t.me/midasprotocolglobal
Reddit: reddit.com/r/MidasProtocolOfficial
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Blogs: blog.midasprotocol.io ; medium.com/midasprotocol

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