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For Immediate Release: 15 May 2018
Contact: Midas Protocol PR team
Email: [email protected]
Website: midasprotocol.io

Mr. Octavio Monteiro de Carvalho Domit has become Midas’s Community Ambassador for Brazil. After a meeting held by company executives, Dr. David Nguyen, Chairman and CFO of Midas announced “We are proud to welcome Mr. Octavio as the newest member of the Midas Protocol Community Ambassador program. We are confident that this represents the first step towards the outreach to Brazil community”.

Mr. Octavio possess a combined 15 years of experience in Private Equity (Prosperity Investments), Private Banking & Equity Sales (Citibank), Corporate Investments (Grupo Monteiro Aranha). He is also founder of one of the most successful health startups in Brazil — BoaConsulta.com, Brazil’s largest online booking service for health professionals.

What makes Midas a game changer?
Midas Protocol will successfully combine in one platform all the essential components required in the crypto investors journey: security through its decentralized wallet, state-of-the-art trading resources to optimize trading and financials returns, portfolio management without having to access all different exchanges, spending cryptocurrencies on e-commerce platforms and much more. What just as encouraging if not more, is the experienced team behind the project! A team capable of impeccable execution. — Mr. Octavio commented.

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