Follow up to our previous update on $DIVI in Midas Ecosystem, we are pleased to announce that $DIVI has been listed on Vinex.Network with 4 trading pairs DIVI/ETH, DIVI/BTC, DIVI/USDT, DIVI/TVND. With this, Vinex.Network will be the 1st exchange that provide DIVI/ETH and DIVI/USDT trading pairs.

As announced, we will airdrop $DIVI on VINEX to qualified recipients from 12pm of 12 December 2018 (GMT+8), until 2.5 million $DIVI is completely distributed.

In order to qualify for $DIVI airdrop:

  • If you are already Midas Pioneers or Midasians and passed KYC, you just need to log in to Vinex.Network at least once, any time from 12pm of 12 December 2018 (GMT+8) till program ends.
  • If you are new users, please Sign up, pass KYC and log in to Vinex.Network at least once, any time from 12pm of 12 December 2018 (GMT+8) till program ends

As usual, Midas Pioneers and Midasians will benefit most from any program/campaign:

  • Midas Master: 4,000 $DIVI
  • Midas Jedi: 2,000 $DIVI
  • Midas Guardian: 1,000 $DIVI
  • Midas Warrior: 500 $DIVI
  • Midas Apprentice: 250 $DIVI
  • Midasian: 125 $DIVI

Pioneers and Midasians can choose to withdraw $DIVI from VINEX to their own wallets to start staking immediately (minimum 10,000 $DIVI). Or they can lock their coins on the exchange and we run the stake for them free and instantly.

Current ROI for staking/masternode running is about 75-90%. Midas Foundation is running the equivalent of 3 Divi Platinum Masternode with significant passive income for Pioneers who are in the pooling. We have a very good rate since we started the nodes on Day 1 with support from Divi Team & Contributors.

$DIVI has also been available on Midas Wallet from 4 December. Remember to install our latest Midas wallet version at http://onelink.to/xyqb5u to enjoy cool functions:

  • Instant token swap - powered by Kyber Network
  • Midas wallet now supports BTC, ETH, TOMO, ZCOIN, MAS, TUSD, DAI, MKR TRUEVND, DIVI, BBO, various other ERC-20 tokens and counting
  • Portfolio chart
  • Transaction history
  • View Binance portfolio via API key

Upcoming updates:

  • NEO/NEP5, EOS, Monero, TOMO mainnet swapping support
  • Vinex portfolio, Notifications, Multi wallet addresses.
  • Bittrex portfolio

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