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First Masternode held by Midas Foundation

After our DiviProject pooling completed on 26th of July 2018, we have received 60,000 DIVX. Today we have finished the process to convert (to 6 million DIVI) and hold the masternode for DiviProject on behalf of Midas Pioneers and Midasians. This will make 2 Platinum Masternodes with 15% rewards as passive income.

You can check live rewards here:

Here’s the math to calculate the chance that our node will win each block:
MNT/(#MC + #MS1.05 + #MG1.1 + #MP1.15 + #MD1.2)
MNT = MasterNodeType (Copper = 1, Silver = 1.05, Gold = 1.1, Platinum = 1.15, Diamond = 1.2)
#MC = Amount of Copper Masternodes
#MS = Amount of Silver Masternodes
#MG = Amount of Gold Masternodes
#MP = Amount of Platinum Masternodes
#MD = Amount of Diamond Masternodes
This is our first project of Masternode holding. We will continue to work to find great masternodes to hold on behalf so to generate passive income for our dear Pioneers and Midasians. Tomochain Masternodes and Znodes will be our next aim.
We are studying the option that Midasians and Pioneers can contribute to Masternode by MAS and earn more Passive Income from their MAS holding position, maintain Pioneers Rank and Fees Discounting on Vinex Network as well as Midas Wallet high functionalities.

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First Masternode held by Midas Foundation
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