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Grow, Engage and Monetize Your Crypto Community with Midas (Midas GEM)

Midas Ecosystem has many ways for Influencers, Crypto interest groups and crypto enthusiasts to earn from. Summary of what can be earned through Midas Ecosystem (Midas.eco, Mcash.eco) is well presented at MidasCandy.com.

Specifically for Crypto Community and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), Midas has various unique ways to create smart income for them while helping them to grow and engage their communities at the same time.

  1. Using Jinn - the first Advanced Bot on Telegram that users can use to Play games, exchange crypto (trading) and socialize through the use of Syntax right in their existing telegram group chat. Group owners can earn from trading fees shared, games affiliate earnings and more.
  1. Engaging users to trade on Vinex Network and earn trading fees (up to 60%) sharing from the exchange through affiliate code (www.Vinex.Network)

  2. Engaging users to download Midas wallet and spin the Lucky Wheel daily with the invitation code reserved for the group. Each activated download will give to the group owner a free spin to earn crypto. (www.MidasProtocol.io) (Example of campaigns: Zcoin, Sentinel, CoinHe, Toko)

  3. Engaging users to play games on Tomodice.com, Mcashdice.com, Multicoin.Casino by using affiliate code and earn from the affiliation ref. (www.tomodice.com, www.mcashdice.com, www.multicoin.casino) (Example of campaign: Toko, Klay)

  4. Referring Projects to list their tokens/coins on Vinex.Network, Unidex.Market and earn 20% commission on listing fees (listing fees to be paid in $MAS, example of listing here)

By helping communities to Grow, Engage and Monetize, Midas will contribute to drive the crypto adoption together with all community-partners. To become a partner with Midas, kindly drop us an email to [email protected].

Find out more on Midas ecosystem:

Midas Wallet
Blogs: https://blog.midasprotocol.io
Telegram: https://t.me/midasprotocolglobal , https://t.me/MidasPR
Facebook: https://fb.com/MidasProtocol.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MidasProtocol
Website: https://www.midasprotocol.io
Get it for free & experience Convenience at its best: http://onelink.to/midaswallet

Website: https://www.MCash.Network
Twitter: https://Twitter.com/MCashChain
Telegram: https://t.me/MCashChain ; https://t.me/MCashChainPR
Blog: https://medium.com/MCashChain

Grow, Engage and Monetize Your Crypto Community with Midas (Midas GEM)
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