Introduction of Mr. Michael Chu, Chief Executive Officer of Midas Protocol


Mr. Michael Chu is a computer science guru with over 10 years experience in cloud computing, networking and systems. He is a co-founder and organizer of DockerHanoi as well as an influential expert in the OpenStack community in Vietnam. During 2012 - 2016, he was the Cloud Chief Architect of VCCloud,  the first fully integrated IaaS cloud computing system in Vietnam by VCCorp, also one of the biggest local cloud services in South East Asia.

He was the Linux & Oracle Specialist at Vietnam Security Network (VSEC) before joining the FPT Development Center as Chief of Technology Management.
Michael researches extensively the fundamental aspects of Blockchain such as blockchain structure, security, consensus algorithm, scalability, performance optimization, governance model and incentives, etc.

With his extensive background in system, networking and security, Michael decided to focus on blockchain, which ultimately led to his co-founding of Tomochain. In addition to his leadership role at the organization, he also led Tomochain’s research on consensus algorithm, anti-attack, scalability, tokenomic, on-chain/off-chain governance. Equally significant was his effort to drive Tomochain ecosystem development initiatives that help partners and industry players adopting blockchain & integrating with Tomochain.

Mr. Michael Chu holds a Master of Engineering degree in Computer Science from Hanoi University of Science and Technology.


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Introduction of Mr. Michael Chu, Chief Executive Officer of Midas Protocol
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