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$MAS Buyback Debut on Vinex Network

The time has come, Midas Ecosystem now is no longer in startup phase. All key pillars of Midas.eco has started making income from several streams:

  • Integration fees on Midas wallet app
  • Integration fees on Midas wallet dApp store
  • Integration fees on McashPlay, McashPay
  • Trading & listing fees on Vinex
  • Trading & listing fees on Unidex
  • Commission & fees on Midashimaya
  • Profit sharing from platforms, integrated exchanges and ecosystem partners
  • Consultancy on blockchain technology relating to token issuance on Mcashchain, SME private sidechain and dApp development.

From now, we are moving to the next stage of growth by using part of our income to buy back $MAS on Vinex Network and contribute to the ecosystem MAS burning. It will be spread throughout the month, every month and it will be adjusted according to our income growth in future. This is good news for our holders.

Together with launching of Midas Pro paid version this summer, MAS Community Burning initiative which has burned more than 112M $MAS and the launch of the first Trading Chatbot on Telegram, this Buyback to Burn will contribute greatly to the value growth of $MAS and making the circulation supply of $MAS even more and more scarce, getting Midas Ecosystem ready for the new Alt Season.
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$MAS Buyback Debut on Vinex Network
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