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After listing successfully on IDEX, Kyber Network, Vinex Network as well as winning on Bibox Listing Vote, we have received multiple feedback and requests from many Midasians & Midas Pioneers. There is a pressing concern from our community that MAS would potentially be dumped due to 2 factors:

  1. ICO bonus payment this month of October
  2. Rewards to voters on Bibox Listing Vote

Even though our MAS has very strong resistance and volume throughout from the first day we listed until now, we have taken many measures to make sure that dump would not happen. The measures are as follows:

  1. The Purge Day is set on 5 November to remove empty Pioneer seats. This will encourage loyal Pioneers to hold and try to get to the next rank. They know that many future benefits for Pioneers are waiting ahead for them.
  2. We will start MAS Locking for Free Trading Fees on Vinex Network from 8 October.
  3. We will start soon MAS Pooling for Tomo Masternode. (as our ICO accepted TOMO, we do have sizable amount of TOMO, enough to set up 10 Masternodes). Contributing to this will not affect your Midas Power Rank. This opportunity is ONLY for Pioneers and their MAS token will be hold till the Masternodes running on mainnet.
  • Min contribution: 100K MAS
  • Max contribution 1M MAS
  • 10 Masternodes x 50K = 500K TOMO = 12.5M MAS

Midas Foundation will be in charge of running and maintenance of Masternodes on behalf of Midas Pioneers and for Pioneers’ Passive Income Maximization. 85% pool reward will be distributed to the contributors on a monthly basis (15% pool reward will be reserved for operating costs).
First comes First serves till 12.5M MAS pool is filled up. The Pooling is open for 3 weeks started from 10 October 2018.

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