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Just a few months after Midas ICO, Vinex Network has launched and been steadily listing new and highly sought-after coins/tokens. We are working non-stop day-in day-out to improve Vinex’s UI/UX, security and customer support. At the time being, Vinex Network has listed 25 coins/tokens with 70 trading pairs and counting.

The 5 markets on Vinex are BTC, ETH, USDT, TVND and $MAS with $MAS as exchange base token for future trading fees discount and promotional programs.
From October 2018 until now, Vinex Network has been recognized by prominent crypto platforms such as Coingecko, Blockfolio and CoinMarketCap.
Vinex Network has always been the key pillar of Midas Ecosystem. Beyond many other designed utilities of $MAS, one of the most important features of $MAS is the base token for Vinex Network exchange (similar to BNB, HT, BIX… on respective exchanges)

  • In near future, we will start to implement $MAS utility feature on Vinex Network. $MAS holders can choose to soft lock $MAS for trading fees reduction. 1% reduction of fees for every 10,000 $MAS locked, maximum reduction of 30% of trading fees.
  • For Midas Pioneers, the amount of soft lock will be half of normal Midasians.

To celebrate the recognition of Vinex listing on Coinmarketcap, we will give all traders on Vinex TWO WEEKS of trading with ZERO FEES starting from 4th April 2019

Upcoming developments

  • Starting from 15th April 2019, invite your friends to trade, and you will receive 50% of his/her trading fees as commission, in real-time.
  • Starting from 1st May 2019, there will be voting tournaments for listing new projects: you can vote for your favorite coin/token to be listed, using $MAS. 1 $MAS equals 1 vote. Each user can vote 30,000 $MAS maximum. Votes can’t be canceled upon voting. For each voting tournament, each user can vote for 3 projects maximum. Only users with net asset equal or larger than 5,000 $MAS equivalents can participate in voting.
  • At the right time, we will consider IEO
  • Part of fees collected from trading and voting will be used to buy $MAS to burn quarterly.
  • Reward/candy from coins/tokens being listed to Vinex accounts & Midas-wallet-linked holders
  • Multiple languages support: English, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, French, Korean, Japanese.
    VINEX official website: https://vinex.network
    Telegram (English) group chat: https://t.me/vinexnetwork
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/vinexnetwork
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vinex.network
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