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MAS Value Growth Initiatives

During 2019, we have been focusing on building Midas wallet functionality and Vinex Network exchange security & liquidity. Currently, Midas wallet has been proven one of the most versatile and universal wallet apps in the market.
Vinex liquidity, volume and trust score have also been improved tremendously.
Now it is time that we start rolling out many initiatives to grow MAS token value. Today, we would like to announce the first initiative: Free Listing on Vinex Network exchange by Locking $MAS. Now, we open Vinex for FREE Listing if the project team can buy from the market and lock with us 5M $MAS. 2M $MAS for locking will be required for each additional pair. We will refund the locked $MAS quarterly to the project team.
Soon we will start rolling out high value functionality relating to crypto investment and portfolio growth such as follow, copy trade, market prediction, arbitrage opportunity notification, exchange traded crypto funds etc. Those functionalities will only be available to the Midas Pro Version which is payable in $MAS only.

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Midas Wallet
Blogs: https://blog.midasprotocol.io
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Facebook: https://fb.com/MidasProtocol.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MidasProtocol
Website: https://www.midasprotocol.io

Get it for free & experience Convenience at its best: http://onelink.to/midaswallet

Vinex Network
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MAS Value Growth Initiatives
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