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Mcashchain and Midas groom new talent pool in OLP 2019


OLP 2019 — the biggest and most prestigious IT competition Vietnam has started on 4 December in Danang, in conjunction with Procon Vietnam and International Collegiate Programming Contest — ICPC ASIA 2019. With 28 years of history and over 700 brightest minds gathered from 8 countries in 2019, this is one of the most important event in Vietnam tech scene. There are 3 streams in OLP 2019: Computing Olympiad, Open-source software, Procon and developers contest.


Midas and Mcashchain were proudly the main judge for Open-source software stream where we organized the Hackathon on the topic of smart-contract/blockchain.


From the Hackathon, we have seen several simple, lean but high quality products built on Mcashchain testnet. We are very excited with high caliber of contestants this year and pledged to support & groom them to be world-class developers in the near future.

Read more: https://medium.com/mcashchain/mcashchain-and-midas-groom-new-talent-pool-in-olp-2019-dda034bf90f7

Mcashchain and Midas groom new talent pool in OLP 2019
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