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The First Utility of MCash

The First Utility of MCash (TRC-20 on Tomochain) by MCashDice in collaboration with Midas Protocol

After the successful launch of Tomodice - the first decentralized betting platform built on Tomochain blockchain technology - today we’re excited to announce that Midas Protocol has created the first use case for MCash (the first TRC20 on Tomochain) with MCashdice - a provably fair betting games backed by transparent open-sourced contract.

MCash is created by using the image of MAS token on Ethereum. Every month, on the 24th, we take a snapshot of $MAS holding position of all Midasians and the days after, we distribute 2% of their holding by MCash. This will go on for 50 consecutive months until we fully distribute 500M of MCash tokens.

MCash is made for E-Commerce, Gaming and other platforms that require fast block confirmation and low gas fees. Currently, MCash can be stored, received, and sent directly from Midas Protocol Wallet App. Notably, MCash also can be converted directly in app to $TOMO and used as gas for all TRC-20 transactions now and in the future. Soon, MCash will be listed on Vinex Network and swappable to other tokens on chain and cross chain directly inside Midas wallet app (available on both iOS & Android: http://onelink.to/xyqb5u).

MCashdice can be played on the web at: https://Mcashdice.com and also more conveniently on Midas Protocol mobile wallet dApp browser from 18 February 2019, 18:00 (GMT+8) with 6 standard games. More games will be added soon are Baccarat and Roulette.

Follow MCashdice social channels for latest news and updates:
Website: https://Mcashdice.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MCashdice
Telegram: https://t.me/MCashdice
Facebook: https://fb.com/MCashdice

The First Utility of MCash
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