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Midas and Mcashchain - Sustainable Development in Digital Age


Midas Protocol - a powerful and secure universal crypto wallet that enables STORE, SWAP, STAKE, SHARE, SPEND multiple coins and tokens, Portfolio chart, Transactions history, Price and balance change notification, view Binance & Vinex.Network exchange portfolio via API key.

MCashChain - a Decentralized and Social e-Payment Platform with Zero Fee and Lighting Speed, which aims to Enable Frictionless Digital Economy. MCashChain is secured, transparent, highly scalable, and made for DApps development in both Midas ecosystem and others’. The application of MCashChain is unlimited with the high-speed transaction, zero fees for ordinary users, and high scalability in nature.


Vietnam CEO Forum, hosted by Vietnam national television (VTV - Vietnam's largest TV network), supported by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), is the most prestigious and recognized Business Forum in the country. Vietnam CEO Forum has been part of a 15-year old program CEO - Key to Success which aims to promote entrepreneurship, digital transformation, cross collaboration, knowledge sharing etc. among Vietnam business community nation-wide. CEO - Key to Success is endorsed and supported by VCCI, Central Committee of Vietnam Business Associations, Ho Chi Minh City Business Association, PWC Vietnam and other reputable organizations.


On 27 September, Midas and Mcashchain were joined by other distinguished businesses in Vietnam CEO Forum 2019 and recognized for Sustainable Development in Digital Age.



Lighting fast in action to deliver superb quality product, yet at the same time sustainable growth has always been part of our DNA. We will continue to work with respected partners, improve our processes and uphold our standards for a sustainable development of Midas & Mcashchain ecosystem.

Find out more on Midas ecosystem: https://blog.midasprotocol.io/birds-eye-view-of-midas-ecosystem/

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Midas and Mcashchain - Sustainable Development in Digital Age
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