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Midas and Value Defi - Strategic Partnership Announcement


Many Midasians have been using Value Defi’s vSwap to trade MDO, MDS, MDG, MDGn, bCash and knowing that Value Defi is an established name in Defi space.

Today, we are thrilled to announce our Strategic Partnership with Value Defi to further develop Multi-layered Midas Gold Refinery. As such, on Midas Gold, we have opened vPegETH pool with 10 vBSWAP as additional rewards (for Layers 3 and 4), to celebrate this partnership. The vBSWAP reward will be distributed for 10 days from each layer opening.

We trust that with this initiative as a start, our collaboration and partnership will grow stronger in the time to come. Join us for the joint AMA tomorrow to get to know both ecosystems, and win cool prizes too.


In DEFI we trust, in Midas we grow!

More about Value DeFi:

Midas and Value Defi - Strategic Partnership Announcement
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