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It has been an exciting month for Midas Protocol with many new milestones achieved. Here are the highlights of what we've been up to..

Midas Protocol Product Updates

Running the roadmap and focusing on product development are at the heart of our growth strategy. And we’re excited to have our Midas Wallet Android Alpha-1 released on 20 Sep and Midas Wallet iOS Alpha-1 on 23 Sep, with following functionalities:

1. Wallet Management with hardware-backed Keystore for highest security-level
You could create new or restore wallet from seed-words/mnemonic-phrase. It’s happened locally on your devices and your sensitive information such as seed-words, private key,.. are well encrypted at highest security-level.

2. Completed features ETH and ERC-20 tokens
With Midas Wallet Alpha-1, You could send, receive, and view transactions history of your ETH and all associated ERC-20 tokens. Our designers worked hard to make sure your experience is smooth and convenient.

3. Essential Portfolio-management
Our portfolio management gives insight of your wallet from time to time, and helps you exploring it in details and presenting it in a pie-chart.

4. Instant swap ETH & ERC-20 tokens with Kyber.Network
With Kyber.Network integration, you could easily swap ETH and ERC-20 tokens. The whole process is fast and reliable so you could grab any ERC-20 tokens (which supported by Kyber) as you want.


Midas Protocol token (MAS) listing

Following our product Alpha-1 release on 20 September, we’re excited to announce that Midas Protocol token (MAS) is being listed on both top Decentralized Exchanges and Centralized Exchanges, as planned. The reason we select those exchanges is not only because of the “brand-value” factor but also on the security level that those exchanges uphold.

Decentralized Exchanges:

  1. IDEX (25/9/2018)
  2. Kyber Network (27/9/2018)

Centralized Exchanges:
3. Vinex Network (30/9/2018)
4. BiBox:
Voting for Midas Protocol token (MAS) to be listed on BiBox exchange will start from 1 pm (GMT+8) on 28 September 2018. The voting will take 7 days and end at 1pm (GMT+ 8) on 5 October 2018.
We look forward to your support by voting for Midas (MAS) now at https://www.bibox.com/votelist

  • Voting rewards: 15 MAS / BIX
  • 1 vote = 1 BIX (max 10,000 vote)
  • (min 200 BIX available in account to vote)


VINEX Network

Following our Vinex Network Testnet Alpha released on 08th August 2018 and Midas Protocol Wallet Alpha-1 release on 20th September 2018, we’re thrilled to have Vinex Network Exchange - Public Beta version open to public on 30th September.

In this public beta version of Vinex Network, there are:

  1. Support mainnet BTC, ETH and MAS. USDT and TUSD will be added soon
  2. New user interface and UX
  3. Improved performance
  4. Trading fee:

Water testing period:

  • Taker fee = Maker fee = 0.1%
  • No Locking, Pioneers 50% discount on trading fee for life (0.05%)

From 7th October:

  • Pioneers Lock 5000 MAS : free trading fee (locking 90 days, renewable)
  • Others Lock 10,000 MAS: free trading fee (locking 90 days, renewable)
    Vinex Network Fiat OTC for selected Testing Pioneers

Midas Foundation

After our DiviProject pooling completed on 26th of July 2018, we have received 60,000 DIVX. Today we have finished the process to convert (to 6 million DIVI) and hold the masternode for DiviProject on behalf of Midas Pioneers and Midasians. This will make 2 Platinum Masternodes with 15% rewards as passive income.
This is our first project of Masternode holding. We will continue to work to find great masternodes to hold on behalf so to generate passive income for our dear Pioneers and Midasians. Tomochain Masternodes and Znodes will be our next aim.


We are studying the option that Midasians and Pioneers can contribute to Masternode by MAS and earn more Passive Income from their MAS holding position, maintain Pioneers Rank and Fees Discounting on Vinex Network as well as Midas Wallet high functionalities.

Marketing & Partnerships

Midas Protocol is honoured to co-organize Cryptocurrencies & Digital Asset Dialogue 2018 (CDAD 2018) in Hanoi, Vietnam on 16 Sep 2018, alongside prominent players in the Vietnamese blockchain ecosystem such as Regulus Investment and Capital Holdings, Kambria, Tomochain, Kyber Network, Huobi Global, Nem Vietnam, AMBlockchain, Infinity Blockchain Ventures, etc.

Stellar speaker lineup such as Vitalik Buterin, Dr. Thuc Vu, Dr. Long Vuong John Ng Pangilinan, Dr. Loi Luu, Dr. David Nguyen Vu, Kimble Ngo, Cryptocurrencies & Digital Asset Dialogue 2018 (CDAD 2018) is endorsed by Ministry of Justice of Vietnam as an official public-private dialogue, where regulators and Blockchain stakeholders meet for Vietnam’s cryptocurrencies future.

Cryptoast is a website that provides educational content about Bitcoin, blockchain and crypto-currencies to French speaking community.
ICONO.1 is a company that runs Korea's best information-sharing website through review and verification. ICONO.1 provides consulting and advice on building an ICO project based on the results obtained, providing complete range of services from community building & management to media & public relations. Since initial stage of Midas’ ICO, ICONO.1 have been instrumental in our media and community outreach in Korea region.

These partnerships mark a cornerstone of Midas’ presence in France and Korea. Together, we aim to bring great product like Midas Protocol to French & Korean users for their crypto trading, portfolio management and ultimately spending their cryptocurrencies. And we believe Cryptoast and ICONO1 will continue to be our valuable partner in French & Korean market to make this happen.
Block 18 is the world's leading blockchain community service provider and public relations and media agency, covering China, Japan, Korea, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Vietnam, and other countries. Block 18 is also No 1 Community Partner of Huobi Global (top crypto exchange). In the last 2 months, Block 18 has engaged and run Midas Protocol’s candy program for user acquisition and KYC registration on Vinex Network. Block 18 and Midas Protocol have now moved up to the next level of collaboration: strategic partnership for Greater China region. This partnership is utmost important for reaching to Chinese speaking users to download and use our wallet for storing, trading and spending their cryptocurrencies.

Up Next

  • From 07th October, Vinex Network will start rolling out locking function for free trading.
  • Vinex Network experts group will start debating on token listing criteria and procedure.
  • Midas Foundation will plan to enroll more Masternodes for Passive Income for Midasians: Znode and Tomochain Masternode.
  • Midas Wallet team start discussion on selection of Exchange to be integrated with Midas Wallet platform.
  • Ecosystem Referral Scheme starts to roll out, aiming to acquire the first 1M users.
  • Founders team enter discussion to list MAS token on first tier Centralized Exchanges.
  • Adoption team will start engaging with other platforms to increase usability of MAS on E-commerce and Gaming platform.

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