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Midas Ecosystem Update — February 2020

February has been a fruitful month as the level of work undertaken by Midas Protocol team is maximized. We would like to take this moment to look back what we have achieved during the first 2 months of 2020.


Midas Protocol

Our wallet app is just getting better and better!

With the updated version of 1.6.7 on Apple Store and 1.6.11 on Google Play, Midas Wallet has now integrated with 14 exchanges and supported 28 chains. Also, we have added FIO () to dApp browser (fio.foundation) and enabled QR Pay for M1 and M20 tokens; M1 Transfer with Memo in dApps.


Additionally, with the partnership with TronGameCenter (TGC), users can collect different Tron Blockchain-based tokens! Play, collect and win weekly TRC-10 and TRC-20 tokens from our partners and our own TGCT token. What more exciting is that you can spin Lucky Wheel daily to receive airdrop & other cool prizes from Midas and our various partners, including TGC. After each turn, prizes can be claimed instantly right on Midas wallet app. Read here.

Seasons of Love and Giving


To celebrate the Lunar New Year, we proudly introduced the NFT tokens set to all Midasians. Many of them are participating in various activities on our social channels and on Midas Wallet to collect these tokens. Read here.

Another fun & lovely event for Valentine's Day & International Women’s Day: Finding The Other Half, which lasts from 14 Feb to 8 March. With this event, Midasians will be able to use some newly developed functionalities of Midas Wallet and experience NFT capability of Mcashchain. Read here.

MCash and MAS Value Growth through Double Burning Process


A new burning mechanism for both MAS and MCash by setting up a burning pool in which: half will be burned in MCash, the other half will be swapped to MAS to burn. And the first burning will happen in 29th February 2020. Read here.


The debut of NFT Marketplace on Midashimaya with a new set of product.

The Mavatar. Mavatars are NFT-based avatars issued on McashChain as M721 tokens. Owners can buy/sell their mavatars on Midashimaya marketplace and also to use them in cross games platform as their avatar of choice: Multicoin Casino, Multicoin Poker, McashDice, TomoDice, MASphere, Dragon Ball M etc. Mavatars with 5 levels of rarity can be stored on Midas wallet. Users can also give to their loved ones as a gift. Some Mavatars can be won through Lucky Wheel. Read here.

Mcashchain Club Poker Championship

The 1st McashChain Club Poker Championship has been successfully held by the McashChain Club. Read here.

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Midas Ecosystem Update — February 2020
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