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Midas Ecosystem Update for August 2020

Dear Vinex, Mcashchain and Midas community,
August has been eventful as many campaigns & new product features have been introduced to the community. And, as usual, this monthly ecosystem report will be how our team concludes the month in pride. Let’s take a look back!

A. Midas Protocol

1. MasDAO launching and first voting campaign
On 20 August, we proudly introduced MASDao - the voting platform and a pivotal tool to get consensus and engagement from $MAS and $MCASH holders on important decisions. What motivated us to launch this product is our serious consideration for our supporters’ opinions on important events related to the community. On top of that, each voting campaign is also an opportunity for voters to be rewarded, as one of the ways we pay tribute to the users who care about us.
Please find the full announcement here: https://medium.com/midasprotocol/masdao-launching-and-first-voting-campaign-c114f59ad5be

2. Midas Protocol partners with DApp.com to launch new dApp store
This strategic partnership between Midas Protocol and Dapp.com is set up to expand dApps, especially DeFi, by bringing great onboarding experiences with the fullest and latest collections of products. Consequently, from August onwards, Midas Protocol users could access the whole DeFi ecosystem with only a couple of clicks.
Details about this partnership could be found here: https://medium.com/midasprotocol/midas-protocol-partners-with-dapp-com-to-launch-new-dapp-store-1ba7b6abdc1b

3. Stake and Earn USDT with Annual Yield up to 100% on Midas Touch
Midas Touch provides a simple interface and easy steps on Midas Protocol wallet for everyone to take part in the DeFi movement. After 2 experiment months, we have received many positive responses from the community. Hence, we decided to take a new step for Midas Touch — a new USDT staking pool.
More details here: https://blog.midasprotocol.io/stake-and-earn-usdt-with-annual-yield-up-to-100-on-midas-touch/

B. Mcashchain

1. Presenting the Mcash.eco Creative Challenge
Throughout this chaotic yet exciting year of the crypto world, Mcashchain has still been able to develop and grow, thanks to the support from the Mcashchain community. That’s why we decided to invite our users and supporters attending the Mcash.eco Creative Challenge and earn rewards by doing that, as one of the ways to pay tribute to the community.
More details are presented here: https://medium.com/mcashchain/mcash-eco-writing-contest-participate-and-earn-as-much-mcash-as-you-can-5f19fdc7c881

2. Mcashchain won the community vote and has been listed on DApp.com
Mcashchain has won the community vote on DApp.com and been listed as the 17th blockchain on DApp.com since 19 August 2020. Since then, decentralized apps built on Mcashchain have been showcased and tracked in terms of the number of users, trading volume/transactions, etc. by DApp.com; making Mcashchain even more transparent for users.
More details can be found here: https://medium.com/mcashchain/mcashchain-listed-on-dapp-com-3106d25a500b

C. Vinex Network

1. NDAU listed on Vinex.Network exchange
As of 06 August 2020, users can trade with the pair NDAU/USDT on Vinex.Network. To celebrate this collaboration, an invitation code has also been created for the ndau community to earn free virtual currencies through Midas’s on-app Lucky Wheel.
Full announcement about this remarkable event can be found here: https://medium.com/vinexnetwork/ndau-listed-on-vinex-network-exchange-a6cb507fab22

2. YFV listed on Vinex.Network exchange
YFV is the governance token of YFValue protocol. The project aims to bring the true value of yield farming finance accessible to all users, regardless of whether you are a big whale or small minnow, via its unique features, namely the voting of the inflationary rate of the supply and a referral system with automatic burning done fully on-chain.
From 22 August 2020 onwards, users can trade the currency with the following trading pairs: YFV/USDT and YFV/ETH.
Please find the full announcement here: https://medium.com/vinexnetwork/yfvalue-yfv-listed-on-vinex-25dd42289b

3. Polkadot ($DOT) on Vinex.Network
Further to our announcement on Polkadot IOU last September, we are pleased to announce that Vinex.Network exchange now supports the new $DOT with its recent redenomination.
Link to the full announcement: https://medium.com/vinexnetwork/polkadot-dot-on-vinex-network-exchange-cecc956d09ae

D. Upcoming

We have strengthened our Executive Board with the appointment of 4 CXO positions. These appointments mark a new chapter for Midas.eco & Mcash.eco as we embark on an ambitious plan of growth for the next phase. We are also opening many more new positions in the R&D department, enlarging our scope to provide many more solutions to our clients from both SME and Public sector. Interested candidates please email your CV/resume to [email protected].

Onwards and Upwards!
Midas — MCashChain - Vinex Team

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Midas Ecosystem Update for August 2020
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