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Midas Ecosystem Update - June 2020

Dear Midas - Mcashchain - Vinex - UniDex community,
June has ended, half of the year 2020 has passed. Have you achieved all of the resolutions you set up at the beginning of this year? Our team at Midas Protocol proudly say that we have! Let’s take a brief closer look at key notable achievements that we managed to acquire during the last month.

A. Midas Protocol

1. Ever thought of becoming a KOL of the Crypto Community and earning money with Midas Ecosystem?
Midas.eco & Mcash.eco offers various unique ways to generate smart incomes for Influencers, Crypto interest groups as well as other Crypto enthusiasts; while helping them to grow and engage their communities at the same time. To be specific, those who are interested in earning money with Midas can play games, trade crypto and socialize using Jinn – the first advanced bot on Telegram; earn trading fees (up to 60%) from engaging users to trade on Vinex Network; attending daily events such as the Lucky Wheel daily held on Midas digital wallet platform; engaging users to play games on Tomodice.com and/or Mcashdice.com and/or Multicoin.Casino; referring projects to list their tokens/coins on Vinex.Network – just amongst others.
⭐️ Detailed descriptions and guides could be found here: https://blog.midasprotocol.io/grow-engage-and-monetize-your-crypto-community-with-midas/

2. Celebrating the 2-year-and-still-going-strong partnership with Uppsala Security
2 years is definitely not a short period of time for a strategic partnership, and Midas is proud to have Uppsala Security as one of our valued partners during that time span. If you are a close follower of Midas Protocol, you might remember that in order to celebrate this partnership, together we held a Lucky Wheel drop event via Midas Protocol wallet last month.
Users that participated in the event have benefited from additional security layers provided by Uppsala Security within the Midas wallet app, as well as free of charge protection from scams and fraud.
⭐️ Participate and earn prizes now in few simple steps: https://forum.sentinelprotocol.io/t/lucky-wheel-drop-for-upp-via-midas-protocol-wallet/754

3. Celebrating the 3-year partnership with Zcoin
June was certainly an important month to Midas Protocol, when lots of our partnerships were set in this month. This June also marks the 3rd anniversary of the collaboration between Midas and Zcoin (XZC) – the decentralized cryptocurrency that uses trustless zero-knowledge cryptographic proofs to provide anonymous transactions.
A Lucky Wheel drop event for the Zcoin community was also organized via Midas wallet app platform in celebration of the occasion.
⭐️ Participate and earn prizes now in few simple steps: https://medium.com/midasprotocol/lucky-wheel-drop-for-zcoin-community-via-midas-protocol-fdf3f326948a

4. Introducing XMas – the multiverse of Midas Protocol token
One of the things that have kept going on our team’s minds is working on bringing growth to $MAS – which was also issued on Ethereum as ERC20 since the time of our ICO. That was the reason for the bring about of the XMas project.
Being the base token of Vinex Network exchange for trading fees and Midas Pro subscription fees, the new wave of utilities which XMAS project will create for $MAS and for our bridging partners will be huge.
⭐️ Please find more detailed information about the XMas project here: https://medium.com/midasprotocol/xmas-is-coming-the-multiverse-of-midas-protocol-token-e98a4bf91e81

5. Paying tribute to our loyal supporters in welcoming the 2nd anniversary of Midas Protocol
A series of rewards was brought about as a way to honor the Midas Pioneers, on the 2nd anniversary of Midas Protocol.
Not only earnings from 2 pieces of Midas Pioneers Land on Staking Dome was distributed to all Midas Pioneers by tracking their MPION NFT, but 10 additional spins were also set to offer to all Midas Pioneers. On the exact day of 1st of July, all wallets associated with Midas ID of Pioneers will automatically have 10 free spins on Midas wallet Lucky Wheel.
⭐️ All details about this special event can be found here https://medium.com/midasprotocol/midas-pioneers-mcashchain-node-owners-your-rewards-awaits-you-3a3b6079c3c

B. UniDex decentralized exchange

UniDex version 1 provides a friendly and easy-to-use interface, with rates of market exchanges for reference, thus helping users to complete their transactions in the blink of an eye. In the current phase, UniDex aims to serve individual traders who trade in small amounts for their own personal use.
⭐️ Read more: https://medium.com/unidexexchange/unidex-3-in-1-crosschain-decentralized-exchange-e3f5b958cae4

C. Mcashchain

1. Celebrating Mcashchain 1st anniversary - 26 June 2020
A year ago, Mcashchain mainnet was successfully launched. Looking back at what we have achieved after 1 year, the project has grown not only in terms of numbers but also in talents and creativity which has made us really proud.
In order to pay tributes to those who have always supported us in the last one first year, on the date of 26 June 2020, all MCashChain Node owners were gifted according to their node level, with their gifts directly sent to their staking wallet.
⭐️ Full details about this event could be found here: https://medium.com/mcashchain/midas-pioneers-mcashchain-node-owners-your-rewards-awaits-you-8fa75ede5440

2. MCashChain now has 2.8M transactions by 12,000+ holders with over 534M Mcash staked, 83 SuperNodes/MasterNodes span across 20+ countries
Today, Mcashchain has reached 12,000+ holders with over 534+ million $MCASH staked. The number of transactions has surpassed 2.8 million. 20+ projects have issued tokens on our chain among which many have leveraged our technology to issue Non-Fungible Token — NFT, notably StakingDome — The Staking Economy Hall of Fame. There are 82 SuperNodes/MasterNodes on Mcashchain across 20 countries. And these numbers are increasing day by day.

D. Upcoming

1. Midas Protocol & Kyber Network AMA
Soon, everyone can join KyberDAO Staking Pool straight on Midas wallet with a few simple steps. We are organizing an AMA to give you the latest update on both projects, at the same time, to answer any questions the community may have on KyberDAO Staking Pool.
This event is also to celebrate the partnership between Kyber Network and Midas Protocol past 3 years and is still going strong.
⭐️ Full announcement: https://blog.midasprotocol.io/midas-kyber-ama/

2. New features on Jinn - the intelligent crypto bot
Jinn is the advanced crypto bot built by Tokenbot AI - a special project from Midas.eco which focuses on innovative solutions for the blockchain industry, especially crypto space.

Jinn, embedded in Telegram messenger, will provide a whole new experience of digital asset trading and management. Jinn allows users to easily manage a variety of digital assets and by doing so, it significantly lowers the barrier of inconvenient usability. Jinn is expected to trigger the mass adoption of blockchain services by offering a wide spectrum of user-centric blockchain applications that can be enjoyed through Telegram Messenger.

From July, more fun & exciting features will be rolled out for Jinn:
👉 Adding members to the Telegram groups and earn daily rewards (token reward depends on specific group. Example: on Mcaschain, users can earn MCASH, on Midas users can earn MMAS, on Multicoin, users can earn MCC, on God of Go, users can earn GOT etc.) This will open a whole new way for our partners to engage with their community by using our Jinn service.
👉 Playing multiple type of games on Telegram groups will give airdrop rewards to players and affiliate airdrop to groups owners
👉 Trading directly on centralized exchanges as well as OTC using chat syntax
⭐️ Full details: https://blog.midasprotocol.io/new-exciting-features-to-be-released-on-jinn-the-cryptoadvancebot/

3. Vote for TokenBot at INTERNATIONAL BLOCKCHAIN OLYMPIAD IBCOL 2020 - People's Choice Award 🏆
⭐️ Tokenbot AI is an intelligent chatbot to socialize, store, send and swap cryptocurrencies on social media. Its first working prototype is Jinn - the awesome @CryptoAdvanceBot that is already familiar to many of us.

⭐️ TokenBot is backed by Midas & Mcash Foundation in its seed round. TokenBot has been selected among the 3 teams representing Vietnam in International Blockchain Olympiad (IBCOL 2020 - https://www.ibcol.org)

Please help vote for TokenBot for the IBCOL 2020 - People's Choice Award in 2 simple steps:

🥇 Step 1: Register for Visitor ID via this form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSck58XyIES20Eo7vBM9ZhvsiKBArHvF-InXarpLCV4tMotjyA/viewform?fbclid=IwAR1AnwNm8_3HgZmeq5rDor3gIPXqI1z1J40iuESM_912_xDk-XOx8GvMbc0
🥈 Step 2: Using Visitor ID sent to your email in Step 1, please vote for team VN-03 Tokenbot.ai via this form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1L35sWFwSPrdY1H65t7beS_C7xqUDmJSAFDNrkGAziBY/viewform?fbclid=IwAR3HkKk7-tyzXHa-yp6zB1IRqJ1X6E1gaCpUMZQNNe1EFKmlMeaINV7sq1g&edit_requested=true

👉 Voting is open from now until tomorrow 5 July, 17h30 (HongKong/Singapore time, GMT+8)

🌟 Quick intro on TokenBot: https://youtu.be/cbSOm3dafJg

**Onwards and Upwards!
Midas — MCashChain - Vinex - UniDex Team **

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Midas Ecosystem Update - June 2020
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