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Midas Fantastic Four & the First Town Hall Voting

The launching of Midas Fantastic Four: Midas Dollar (MDO, MDS) algorithmic stablecoin platform, Midas Gold (MDG) incentive yield farming platform and bCash (mCash on BSC) have been a success. With the combined TVL of ~$100M, Midas4 has been growing steadily within a few weeks from launch.

Now it's time for us to plan ahead for sustainable growth and to serve all the stakeholders of Midas Economy. In the near future, we will be introducing:

  • Mi-Vault: multi-strategies auto-compounding vault for Midas Fantastic Four related LP.
  • Midas Gold-99%: next-gen layered yield-farming with just one single MDG tokens but ensure high yield for users.

All Asset Products of Midas: MDG, MDO, MDS, MDB, bCash and related LPs will be at the center of all Mi-Product lines.

And we will start with Midas Gold Town Hall voting to implement changes to the Midas Gold System to protect and to enhance earnings in the long run for all Midas Gold holders.

The Town Hall Voting will be as follows:

1. All MDG Holders can vote on this Proposal for Change (Yes/No Voting Mechanism)

  • 1st month (day 11-41): lock 70% -> LoyaltyLocker
  • 2nd month: lock 60% -> LoyaltyLocker
  • 3rd month: lock 50% -> LoyaltyLocker
  • 4th month: lock 40% -> LoyaltyLocker
  • 5th month: lock 30% -> LoyaltyLocker
  • 6th month: lock 20% -> LoyaltyLocker
  • From day 201 -> day 365: Claim in LoyaltyLocker linearly (0.6% each day)

2. The blockchain snapshot for voting rights will be only for MDG Holders

3. The implementation proposal are:

  • LoyaltyLocker mechanism
  • Increase the multipliers of MDG-based pools
  • Contract-based buy-back-to-burn
  • Layered farming system to migrate selling pressure from main platform to layer and to accelerate burning speed.

In Defi we trust, In Midas we grow!

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Midas Fantastic Four & the First Town Hall Voting
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