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We are proud to present to our Midas Pioneers the first project for voting: Kambria.

Kambria is an open innovation platform that enables and incentivizes collaborations in R&D, manufacturing, and commercializing advanced technology. Kambria’s first vertical is AI & Robotics applications in the consumer space. Kambria contains protocols uniquely designed with blockchain and crypto-economics to address the current waste and efficiencies in today's innovation model. For complete information, please visit: www.kambria.io

Our experts have voted internally and given a consensus on Positive Status to Project Kambria. Hence, this project will go to second round of voting by Midas Pioneers, starting at 11am (GMT+8) on 18th of June. The voting will take 72h and end at 11am (GMT+ 8) on 21st of June.

If the Pioneer Voting round reaches > 51% Midas power consensus on “Yes” Status then the project will go straight to Pooling which will take place on 25th of June for 10 consecutive days.

We have represented our Pioneers to seize a quota of 1000 ETH worth of KAT tokens from the Kambria team for pooling with a bonus of 10% to contributors. Midas Foundation will then reward to participants 5% of the funds raised in MAS tokens under the form of airdrop to their Midas cabinet. After Midas Protocol ICO ends, all MAS tokens will then be sent to Pioneers’ registered MEW.

The Pooling will also be open to Midasians who are at least at Midas Warrior Strength. Midas Pioneer candidates can still participate by topping up to reach Apprentice Level 12 hours before the pooling starting time (Cut-off time).

Please note that voting will not cost you any token. All participants in the voting round will receive equal voting reward regardless of voting Yes or No. The percentage of reward for voting and reward for pooling will be announced after the pooling period as it depends on the end result.

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For complete information, please visit our website at MidasProtocol.io

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