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Midas Gold — turn everything into GOLD

👑 Midas Gold is another DeFi product after Midas Dollar added to the Midas DeFi ecosystem. Midas Gold (MDG) — The Golden Incentive Plan for Midas Economy on Binance Smart Universe has been born, to reward the stakeholders of Midas Economy such as Mi-Vault, Mi-Dex etc.

🧭 In the first phase of Midas Gold, we will focus on developing:

  • MDG yield farming
  • Launchpools — stake MDG in order to earn tokens with the projects participating in IDO on Midas Gold
  • Automated Market Making

More to come on the Midas DEFI Roadmap with high synergy between DEFI products and existing ecosystems.

💡 Unique mechanism MDG
A 4% fee will be given to the Golden DAO Fund when you participate in pool farms (not including MDG).

No dev fund.

Besides that, these will happen when you harvest prizes:

  • 10% minted MDG to re-incentivise for the farm pools.

More on MDO: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/midas-dollar
More on bCash: https://medium.com/midasprotocol/midas-protocol-ecosystem-migration-dd3f5ff141cc

🧮 Token allocation

🌈 How to earn MDG

This is a fair-launch liquidity yield farming for every stakeholder of Midas Economy. There will be neither presale, nor pre-mine, nor dev fund, nor token distribution for Midas team.

🚜MDG Farming
Note: During the first hour of farming, the MDG-pools multipliers are set to 0x

☝️ MDG Touch
We will announce soon

💞 Triple rewards:

  • MDG (0.2 per block in the first week. Then reduce 2.5% every week)
  • MDO (0.01 per block)
  • bCash (0.01 per block)

In the first 10 days, 75% rewards will be locked and disbursed 2% every day from the 11th day to the 50th day.

For rewards distributed after the 10th day, you can claim 100% right after being awarded.

Come and enjoy a prosperous life in the Midas Golden Economy!

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Midas Gold — turn everything into GOLD
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