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Midas is launching advance chatbot cum digital asset wallet on Telegram

Midas recently sent a startup team to the International Blockchain Olympiad to present their innovative solution called Tokenbot AI, and Jinn is the first prototype that Tokenbot AI built. The Tokenbot AI team is honored to be selected as representative for Vietnam to enter the international round in July 2020.

Jinn, embedded in Telegram messenger, will provide a whole new experience of digital asset trading and management. Jinn allows users to easily manage a variety of digital assets and by doing so, it significantly lowers the barrier of inconvenient usability. Jinn will trigger the mass adoption of blockchain services by offering a wide spectrum of user-centric blockchain applications that can be enjoyed through Telegram Messenger.
So, in short, Jinn is an intelligent chatbot developed by Tokenbot AI, a startup that received seeds funding from Midas and Mcash Foundations’ Startup Funds, that safeguards one’s multiple digital assets, including Mcashchain’s native coins MCASH along with Mcashchain tokens (M1, M20, M721) such as TOKOM, MCC, BBOM, MCS and more. Jinn can also manage digital assets on multiple chains such as TOMO, KLAY, USDT and more to come.
Aside from fungible tokens, Jinn will also support more digital assets including so-called Non Fungible Tokens (NFT), more widely known as Crypto Collectibles. Users will be able to transfer digital assets to their contacts in Telegram Messenger in real-time just by chatting Syntax, very simple and intuitive.
Aside from storing and exchanging digital assets directly among users through chat, users will be able to interact with many dApps directly through chat Syntax with the bot within the group chat. Midas aims to boost the adoption of blockchain technology by letting 500 million Telegram users organically interact with dApp services through Jinn and other sister bots created by Tokenbot AI. One very special function of Jinn is that it can help users to trade with decentralized exchanges as well as centralized exchanges and also maintain an OTC market ready within the bot. Users just need to command a Syntax and execute the trading order instantly, from limit order to market order as well as to get quotes from exchanges.
Sustained through Midas’s technological arsenal, Jinn is equipped with high security and performance, which allows safe, seamless and fast transfer of user’s digital assets. Jinn is constructed with a user-friendly experience in mind. You don’t need to do anything because your Telegram ID is your wallet, you can send and receive digital assets with your Telegram friends. Furthermore, you do not have to go through the hassle of writing down and storing your cryptic private key. If you need to do so, you also can just do it by using Midas Protocol wallet app or any wallets that are compatible with the digital assets that Jinn supports.
Jinn’s account model allows the user to separate their Telegram ID wallet and their personal cryptographic wallet.

How does Jinn differ from Midas or Mcashlight?
Mcashlight is a browser extension wallet for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Much like Ethereum’s Metamask, Mcashlight provides more experienced users a secure and usable gateway to interact with Mcashchain via web browser. Users can store and transact MCASH and Mcashchain-based tokens, as well as sign requests from web-based Mcashchain dApps in real-time. Midas is Universal mobile app for multiple chains, multiple exchanges and multiple dApps. It currently supports 30 chains, 16 exchanges with a large dApp store on wallet.
Jinn, on the other hand, is aimed at introducing new users to blockchain-based services. It will support not only Mcashchain’s MCASH but also related M1 and M20 tokens and blockchain-enabled apps and dApps. Jinn is embedded into Telegram Messenger as an intelligent chatbot that simplifies the experience of using crypto with many social interactions.

Got it! So where do I download Jinn?
You don’t need to download Jinn. Once you join any Telegram group that has Jinn added, you can right away interact and use Jinn. For example: https://t.me/midas_candy
The motto of Jinn: Your wish is my command, like Jinn the Genie from the magical lamp. Welcome to the crypto magical world with Jinn, a product of Tokenbot AI, a subsidiary of Midas Protocol.

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Midas is launching advance chatbot cum digital asset wallet on Telegram
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