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Kyber Network & Midas Protocol AMA

Kyber Network is an on-chain liquidity protocol that allows decentralized token exchange to be integrated into any application. Kyber enables a wide range of decentralized use cases such as instant token swap services, decentralized payment flows and financial DApps - helping to build a world where any token is usable anywhere. With over US$1 Billion worth of transactions facilitated, 80+ different tokens supported and 100+ integrated projects since its inception, Kyber is one of the most used and integrated decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols in the world.

Kyber Network’s long-awaited Katalyst upgrade will go live at 7 AM GMT, 7th of July 2020, and will introduce the KyberDAO, a community platform that allows KNC token holders to participate in governance via staking, and earn ETH rewards in the process. In addition, the upgrade aims to reduce friction in liquidity contributions, introduce rebates for high-performing reserves (liquidity providers), and allow DApps integrated with Kyber to add a custom spread for flexible rates.

Midas Protocol is one of the most powerful and universal crypto wallets that enables STORE, SWAP, STAKE, SHARE, SPEND various coins and tokens. Supporting 30+ chains, thousands of tokens, integrated with 15+ exchanges and hundreds of dApps and platforms, the Midas wallet app has been proven to be the wallet app of choice for thousands of crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

From 20 July, everyone can join KyberDAO Staking Pool straight on Midas wallet with a few simple steps. We are organizing an AMA to give you the latest update on both projects, at the same time, to answer any questions the community may have on KyberDAO Staking Pool.
This event is also to celebrate the partnership between Kyber Network and Midas Protocol past 3 years and is still going strong.

  • Kyber Network & Midas Protocol AMA date: 6 July 2020, 9pm (Singapore time, GMT+8)
  • AMA location: Midas Protocol Global telegram group https://t.me/midasprotocolglobal

How to participate and win prizes & airdrops:

  1. Join both telegram groups: https://t.me/MidasProtocolGlobal and https://t.me/KyberNetwork
  2. Read more about each project. Explore current campaigns. Talk to @CryptoAdvanceBot on Midas Protocol Global telegram groups to get cool prizes, airdrops & tip from the Community.
  3. Follow both projects on Twitter and ask questions at our tweets: https://twitter.com/MidasProtocol and https://twitter.com/KyberNetwork
  4. Top 10 questions will be selected to answer during the AMA and will be rewarded with $100 in both $KNC and $MAS.

Meanwhile, get yourself familiar with Midas wallet cool features, STORE - SWAP - STAKE - SHARE - SPEND various coins and tokens, play games or simply get free crypto everyday with Midas Lucky Wheel: http://onelink.to/MidasWallet

Bonus: Lucky Wheel airdrop for Kyber community
Lucky Wheel is a unique feature of Midas Wallet app that gives users free daily spins to receive many kinds of crypto from Midas Ecosystem and its various partners.

How to get wheel-drop on Midas app

  1. Download Midas Protocol wallet app on iOs/android here: http://onelink.to/MidasWallet
  2. Go to Lucky Wheel dApp on Midas wallet and put in invitation code: Kyber
    Those who use this code will have 5 free spins instantly. (others only have 1 spin)
  3. Spin the wheel, get the air-drop and then claim directly on Midas wallet


  • After the 1st free spin, you can enter the invitation code to get the next 5 free spins, only for Kyber users.
  • Participants can claim prizes after 24 hours from your spins. (All claims within 24 hours will show "Processing" status)
  • In case of uninstall/reinstall of Midas wallet, all prizes/claims will be lost. Please claim all your prizes before uninstalling/reinstalling Midas wallet.

Total prize: up to $5,000 in $MCASH, $MCC and many other tokens from our ecosystem partners.

Kyber Network:

Midas Ecosystem: Midas.eco

Kyber Network & Midas Protocol AMA
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