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Dear Valued Partners, Strategic Investors and Friends of Midas,
First of all, from Midas, we wish you a peaceful Ghost Month and a very happy Mid Autumn season for those in Asia.

Knowing deeply that whatever we do in developing wallet, exchanges and our own public blockchain, they are only infrastructure. Without the real use cases of cryptocurrencies to create value for users/community, the infrastructure is just a ghost. Like many ghost towns, or like an empty highway that has no car running on it, it is useless.

Not in our case, we have a great strategy for adoption moving forward.

  1. C — Commerce Platform Midashimaya: our first C-Commerce platform alpha version has been out. Several first shops have been opened. This week we see many mooncakes and also gym clothes start selling well on our platform, taking payment in crypto. We have a long list of suppliers, brand owners, retailers are queuing to be approved to open shop at Midashimaya. Midashimaya aims to become the Amazon on Blockchain. (Visit Midashimaya here: https://midashimaya.com/)

  2. Crypto Payment Gateway and Plug-in McashPay: our crypto payment gateway with instant settlement, zero cost have been launched and embedded into Midashimaya. Several other third party platforms are waiting to be integrated such as BigBom Advertising Optimization Service, Online shops etc. McashPay aims to become the Paypal on Blockchain. (Visit McashPay here: https://mcashpay.com/)

  3. Crypto Voucher and Top Up Card McashPlay: 8 projects are developing on our public blockchain McashChain. To help all the projects on McashChain to reach more users and more adoption, we develop McashPlay and Midas Voucher dApp where anyone, anywhere can issue vouchers and top-up cards for their own tokens that are issued on our chain. Midas Voucher Web version is already out (https://mcashpay.com/voucher). Midas Voucher dApp and McashPlay platform are on the way. Soon, users can top up easily using voucher, scratch card then they can use the topped up crypto for their needs such as staking on Midas wallet, playing games on McashDice, Masphere or shopping on Midashimaya. McashPlay aims to become the iTunes/Google Play cards on blockchain.

  4. Non Fungible Token on McashChain: our pilot to issue NFT tokens as membership cards for Midas Pioneers and BGM are nearly completed. This will lead to one of our important projects that we work together with Vietnamese Students Association to issue 4 millions Campus members cards on McashChain. McashChain NFT aims to eliminate the use of physical cards (mainly plastic) and to fight against fake identity and fake documents/certificates.

  5. Campus Plus (Campus Cộng: https://campp.vn) — the first decentralized social media for youth: Together with issuing 4M NFT Campus member cards, we pursue further with the first social media platform using blockchain technology. Campus Plus will focus to help young people and students to develop their career, finding jobs, freelancing and mingle. Campus Plus aims to be the Linkedin for Youth on blockchain.

More will come. We keep building but we are not building just the highways, we are building and help our partners to build things that are useful to run on our highways. Together, we can make the world a better place.
Thank you!

From Midas Team.

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