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Midas & Mcashchain Ecosystem Update — July 2020

Stepping into the second half of 2020 with lots of excitement, our team at Midas.eco & Mcash.eco have had a full-of-achievements July, which you might have known if you follow us close enough. Otherwise, let’s take a look back at what we have done in July together!

A. Midas Protocol wallet
New exciting features on Jinn — The Telegram @CryptoAdvancedBot
More fun and helpful features have been rolled out on Jinn, including:
Adding members to the Telegram groups and earn daily rewards (token rewards depend on specific groups).
Playing multiple type of games on Telegram groups will give airdrop rewards to players and affiliate airdrop to groups owners
Trading directly on centralized exchanges as well as OTC using chat syntax
Full announcement: https://blog.midasprotocol.io/new-exciting-features-to-be-released-on-jinn-the-cryptoadvancebot/

2. Great time with great AMA session with Kyber Network
As KyberDAO Staking Pool was made available directly on Midas wallet since July 2020 (in celebration of the 3rd anniversary of the partnership between Kyber Network and Midas Protocol as well!), Midas Protocol joined with representatives from Kyber Network in a special AMA session, in which latest updates of both projects and answers to any question proposed by the community members were given.
Full announcement & Recaps from the AMA hosted by Midas Protocol and Kyber Network can be found here: https://medium.com/midasprotocol/kyber-network-midas-protocol-ama-2c070bf20343

3. New feature allowing users to personalize their wallet addresses
Having been a member of the Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) — which has been aiming to accelerate blockchain adoption by reducing the complexity, risk and inconvenience of receiving and sending coins and tokens — since 2019, Midas Protocol has enabled users to personalize their wallet addresses from July 2020 on. This feature promises to make exchanges using Midas wallet easier than ever.
Full announcement: https://blog.midasprotocol.io/get-your-free-personalized-crypto-address-right-from-midas-wallet/

B. MCashChain

1. Mcashchain will be the next blockchain listed on DApp.com
With a total of 137 votes, we are proud to be chosen by the community to be the next blockchain to list on DApp.com. This means a lot to us as it proves that Mcashchain has been recognized by not just dApp developers but also blockchain community in general. Actual listing date on DApp.com will be announced soon, together with partnership establishment and great airdrops/prizes to be won too.

2. McashBank — a dynamic & fast growing DeFi hub built on Mcashchain
McashBank will provide various Defi, crosschain protocols to help users to wrap one type of crypto on one chain to another chain in order to facilitate the utility of crypto in a multi ecosystems economy.
Everyone can benefit from DeFi solutions from Mcashbank, either from Staking, Lending, Asset Management or Payments. Especially with Midas Touch — Midas wallet become the only universal crypto wallet that support Top DeFi projects, dApps and more. Experience yourself and ride on this DeFi wave: Onelink.to/MidasWallet

3. Introducing Crypto Influencers MAVATAR NFTs on MCashChain
NFT-based avatars have been issued on MCashChain as M721 tokens, or Mavatars, since July — as one of the measures proposed to provide users with more personal experiences. Users can use these to exchange on Midashimaya marketplace, to set as their avatars of choice on cross game platforms, to store in their Midas wallets, or even to gift to their loved ones.
More details can be found here: https://medium.com/mcashchain/crypto-influencers-mavatar-nft-on-mcashchain-8625b031c5ba

C. Vinex Network

1. New Feature — Airdrop Pool
Any project/individual can contribute or create an airdrop pool for any coin / token which has been listed on Vinex.Network
Vixen Airdrop Pool will distribute these airdrops to all participating members within the airdrop campaign period.
All users who have completed KYC or deposited at least $5 worth on Vinex can join airdrop pool to get their share.
Read more: https://medium.com/vinexnetwork/new-feature-of-vinex-network-exchange-airdrop-pool-48cb5cd2c409

2. Listing Yearn.Finance (YFI) on Vinex.Network
Yearn.Finance ($YFI) — one of the hottest DeFi projects has been listed on Vinex Network, with 2 trading pairs: YFI/ETH, YFI/USDT
Full announcement: https://medium.com/vinexnetwork/yfii-innovative-decentralized-defi-mining-pool-listed-on-vinex-network-exchange-f85dfc286320

3. Allowing users to convert dust in to $MAS
Vinex.Network users are now able to save more with the option of converting dusts (small fractions of cryptocurrencies left from trades that can be forgotten sometimes) into $MAS so as to exchange afterwards.
Detailed guides can be found here: https://medium.com/vinexnetwork/converting-dust-on-vinex-network-exchange-9e0a45736009

  1. Listing NDAU on Vinex Network
    You are invited to trade in $NDAU on Vinex.Network from 6th August 2020 on, as the currency has been recently listed on our platform with the following trading pairs: ⭐️NDAU/USDT: https://vinex.network/market/USDT_NDAU.
    Also, To celebrate this collaboration, a new invitation code has been created for the NDAU community to earn free virtual currencies through Midas’s on-app lucky wheel.
    More details can be found here: https://medium.com/vinexnetwork/ndau-listed-on-vinex-network-exchange-a6cb507fab22

D. Upcoming:

Q3 & Q4 2020 will be definitely exciting quarter for Mcashchain and our ecosystem as a whole with new feature added, new listing and more. Stay tune and don't forget to follow our social channels below for latest news.

Onwards and Upwards!
Midas — MCashChain — Vinex Team

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Midas & Mcashchain Ecosystem Update — July 2020
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