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Midas & Mcashchain to serve millions of Vietnamese youths

The Vietnam Youth Federation (VYF) is the largest organization of Vietnamese youths and youth organizations. All Vietnamese citizens aged from 15 to 30 regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, social background, place of residence, who accept the Constitutions of the Youth Union, can be members of VYF. The Vietnam Youth Federation currently has about 10 million members in total.

The VYF's missions are:

  • To facilitate and organize all members and youth to actively participate in the national industrialization and modernization as well as activities beneficial to people and the nation as a whole;
  • To conduct various activities to meet the legitimate needs of its members;
  • To propose and recommend to government agencies, social organizations appropriate and timely measures to protect the legitimate rights of individual and collective members of the VYF as well as those of youth in general;
  • To unite and cooperate with youth organizations regionally and globally, towards peace, national independence, democracy, progress, civilized and better futures for the youth.

Midas and Mcashchain are proud to be VYF's main partner to provide advanced technology solutions, facilitating VYF missions and its various activities. Over the past 3 years, we have been building platforms, software and apps to serve VYF and millions of its members, notably:

  • Campus+ a social network and platform specially designed to serve 3.5 million students in Vietnam. Backed by Vietnamese Students' Association and Youth Union, the platform aims to connect students nation-wide with various communities, including businesses and employers. Read more: https://blog.midasprotocol.io/midas-protocol-and-mcashchain-partner-with-campus/

  • Student Leaders: Nation-wide leadership competition for 100,000+ key staff of Vietnamese Youth Association Central Committee

  • And more (below)


Midas & Mcashchain is proud to be part of VYF 8th National Congress (10-12 December 2019)

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Midas & Mcashchain to serve millions of Vietnamese youths
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