As announced, the first Pioneers Voting for a new ICO to be listed on Midas Foundation will start on 18th of June. This voting will be conducted in 7 consecutive days. Pioneers' Voting Power will be based on their Midas Strength as in below table.

Midas Pioneers will enjoy two benefits:

  1. Rewarded to vote (regardless of voting Yes or No)
  2. Rewarded to participate in Midas Pooling

All Projects and/or ICOs selected to be voted and listed on Midas Foundation would have to commit to purchase MAS Token to reward Midas Pioneers through Airdrop in two instances:

  1. Equal Reward for voting (regardless of MAS Strength and Power)
  2. Staking Reward for participating Midas Pooling (Airdrop Stake proportioned to MAS Strength)

For Bonus and Sales Discount when taking part in the new ICOs sales, Midas Foundation will represent the Pioneers to negotiate on their behalf.

Today 10th of June is the last day to register and purchase MAS to entitle Midas Pioneer status. From tomorrow 11th of June, individuals who are whitelisted and buy MAS will not have Pioneer status and its benefits. Yet, all existing Pioneers can still top up their purchase to increase their Midas Strength to get to the next Midas Power level.

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