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For the past 2 years, Midas Protocol Wallet App has been the most versatile free universal crypto wallet app on mobile (on both Android and iOs), supporting more than 30 chains and thousands of tokens, integrating more than 16 exchanges and hundreds of dApps. From our whitepaper roadmap, it was always our intention to maintain a free version for all users. The free version will absolutely have all the most fundamental features of a digital wallet app such as high security standards, the ability to manage many coins/tokens that belong to many different blockchains as well as the ability to trade and to use decentralized applications on multiple platforms.

Yet, now is the time for us to release a higher version : The Midas Pro version which will be intended for professional users who require more in-depth features that are related to investment capabilities and most importantly, Defi Focus features.

What Midas Pro offers in this upcoming new version?

  • UI upgraded
  • Provides opportunities for arbitrage exchanges
  • No ads
  • Collects news on important upcoming events held by crypto projects.
  • Earns more profit rewards when joining Midas Touch: Midas Pro users will get higher yield rates compared to normal users.
  • Reduced fees when using MasBid and Midashimaya for users.
  • Opportunities to earn high rewards when trying their luck on Lucky Wheel: With the new upgraded version, only Midas Pro users could earn 888 $MCC and 888 $MCASH rewards.
  • Most importantly, high-yield defi farming capabilities will be developed with auto-tuning for higher ROI pools, auto searching and pool-to-pool comparison capabilities will also be offered.
  • Midas Pioneers will be able to use the Pro Version for free and for life.

How to sign up for Midas Pro

  1. Access Setting from Midas Wallet
  2. Login with your Midas Protocol ID.
  3. Choose “Update to pro” option under Profile section.
  4. Select the activation option and complete the payment process. ( or request a trial.)
    Midas Pro will be activated with Midas Protocol ID, hence both premium users and normal users can use the same Midas Wallet app on Android/iOs app store.
    Download Midas Wallet here: http://onelink.to/MidasWallet

Will new users get any promotions?
To celebrate this exciting release, all users can activate the 1-month package for free until 1st October 2020.

Future plan for Midas Pro and Midas Wallet?
Presenting Midas Pro is the first experiment in our strategy to make Midas a digital wallet applying the DAO model (the first decentralized managing model). Users who hold $MAS will be the ones who contribute their opinion to the direction of development for Midas Wallet. With the user-centric model, we believe that more important features will then be developed to address the market’s real needs. The subscription to Midas Pro is payable in $MAS token and the proceeds will be contributing to the ecosystem burn, hence contributing directly to reducing the circulation supply. More Pro subscription, more users acquisition will bring more value growth to $MAS token in the long run. This is not taking into account that $MAS is also the base token of Vinex Network exchange.

Stay tuned.

Find out more on Midas ecosystem:
🌟 https://midas.eco/
🌟 https://mcash.eco/

Midas Wallet
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Get it for free & experience Convenience at its best: http://onelink.to/midaswallet

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Midas Pro for Pro — Users
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