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Midas Protocol is open in British Virgin Island

We would like to inform you of an important change coming into force in the upcoming week. Please read on how this will affect you and your interaction with the Midas ecosystem :

Midas Protocol is now operating in BVI
On Feb 24, 2020, Vinex.Network, UniDex.market, Mcashpay.com, McashPlay.com, Midashimaya.com, and- related interfaces (the “Platforms”) will no longer be operated by Midas Core Pte Ltd (“Midas SG”) and will be operated by Midas Core Limited (“Midas BVI”), a company incorporated and based in the British Virgin Islands (“BVI”). There are no other changes apart from the new operating entity of Vinex.Network, UniDex.market, Mcashpay.com, McashPlay.com, Midashimaya.com being changed to Midas BVI.

Why are we opening in BVI?
The Platforms will move to the BVI, as we wish to continue to offer easily accessible platforms at very low costs. Currently, the platforms are operating in Singapore. However, Singapore will adopt a very strict implementation of the new Payment Service Act that also applies to crypto companies. If Midas falls under these new regulations, this would mean that we have to demand an extensive amount of information from our current and future customers. We believe that crypto markets should be freely available to most, and the new regulations would put too high a barrier for the majority of users, both - regulatory and cost-wise. The implementation of these changes would greatly affect the platforms and its customers. Therefore, we have decided to operate the Platform from the BVI. The team and leadership will remain the same.

What will change?
From Feb 24, 2020, the entire operational Platforms will be assigned to Midas BVI. The hardware (servers) operating the Platform will also remain the same. All community groups and notifications channels will naturally remain the same, as operated by our global staff.

Terms of service and privacy policy
After the transfer of the Platforms, the terms of service and privacy policy of the new company will apply. These terms are materially similar to the terms of Midas SG.

What now?
We welcome you to continue using the Platforms as usual. The platforms remain to be the most complete universal platforms in the market, and the relocation will not change that. Should you have any questions regarding the move, please do not hesitate to contact us via our support channels.

What action is required at your part ?
Midas SG will copy your current personal data (if any) to Midas BVI. You can be assured that Midas BVI respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data. For questions, please email [email protected] or reach out to us at https://t.me/midasprotocolglobal

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Midas Protocol is open in British Virgin Island
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