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Midas Protocol - Moving Forward & Upward

Chairman's Message

This year has been a period of unprecedented turbulence for the entire cryptocurrency market. From the increased aversion of various governments and organizations towards cryptocurrencies to continual FUD, the significant drop in the overall market value has been regretful. The pressure we all have been facing throughout the year has therefore also been substantial. However, being in the very midst of raw development of the crypto market provides for a limitless opportunity to develop, learn and transform at the same time.

We at Midas Protocol are determined to not let the general mistrust towards the market discourage our faith in the technology which is key to the borderless future that is just in our reach to claim. We have remained focused on our user-centered vision roadmap and will continue to do so. Despite the general negativity in the market, we have persisted to strive forward in product development as well as proceeded in creating additional collaborations with several reputable partners - all to secure more stability for our users in this period of unpredictability.

In the meantime, I would like to wish you on behalf of everyone at Midas a very Happy Lunar New Year of 2019. May the new year bring you health, luck, happiness and abundance of crypto positivity.

Dr. David Nguyen, Chairman of Midas Protocol


Over the last quarter of 2018, Midas has succeeded in forging key partnerships to bring about innovation, know-how and general improvement in user experience. We have stayed on course at becoming the smartest universal crypto wallet in the market and have therefore concentrated much of our development and partnership upon it - from integrating advanced security protocol to expanding Midas wallet usability. The partnerships have also focused on expanding Midas' presence in the Asian market - especially ASEAN.

Being the leading fiat to cryptocurrency exchange, BCoin.sg lends Midas Protocol a vast amount of know-how in cryptocurrency exchange, investment banking, fintech and payment solutions. BCoin’s partnership with Midas signifies a strong drive towards attaining mutual synergy, using BCoin’s expertise and Midas’s advanced technological tools, facilitating both organizations' expansion in ASEAN region. The increased presence in ASEAN is not important for Midas only from the perspective of being able to attain more global investors, but also because we will be able to reach out and share our visions with a larger community to invite them to become a part of Midas family.

Security has always been a matter of top priority at Midas Protocol and that is why we entered into partnership with the Sentinel Protocol. Operating on blockchain technology, Sentinel Protocol harnesses collective cyber security intelligence to protect assets against hackers, scams and fraud. We have been working to integrate Midas wallet and Vinex exchange via Sentinel Protocol’s Interactive Cooperation Framework (ICF) API with a Threat Reputation Database (TRDB) which contains Security Intelligence Whitelists and Blacklists detailing confirmed IOC’s of threats related to phishing, malware, hacks, and scams. Since hackers are becoming more greedy and creative with every further development in our industry, we are adamant to not just stand by and let anyone from Midas ecosystem become their prey.

Tokenomy was founded by the leading members of Indodax – one of the largest Bitcoin & blockchain startups in Southeast Asia (1.4 M registered users) from Indonesia. The partnership between Midas Protocol and Tokenomy will therefore open the doors for Vietnamese traders to trading on Tokenomy Exchange and participate in various ICO projects launched in the Tokenomy Launchpad. Indonesian traders will at the same time have easier access to trading in our economic area too via the Midas Protocol Wallet/ Platform. The partnership which we have entered with Tokenomy is truly a significant one to us. Making access to different countries' markets become effortless and without borders is what we have always strived towards. The increased accessibility for all Viet & Indonesians traders through our partnership embodies this vision and which we are so proud to foster.

Community has always been a vital component in Midas Protocol’s ability to grow. None of our achievements would have been possible without your support. Using Delta Direct, Blockfolio Signal and BitUniverse Link, Midas Protocol can now connect and interact with our entire community, to listen your opinions & feedback and curate your needs. Any news or changes will therefore be directly updated through these channels to reach the whole community easily, accurately and with no delay.

Being a cutting-edge cryptocurrency marketplace platform, BlueBelt focuses on connecting the individual users and enterprises borderlessly whilst providing a prime crypto exchange experience. Recognising Bluebelt’s strive for excellence, Midas Protocol and Bluebelt have partnered on a collaboration framework across the markets in Japan, Korea, Singapore and Vietnam. Right now, Midas is at the process of integrating its wallet system into the Bluebelt’s Exchange protocol to increase Bluebelt’s overall volume through the Midas Wallet and portfolio management platform.

Launched under the OKEx Open Partnership Program, CoinAll is the world's first community based autonomous exchange and offers digital asset trading to traders globally. We have entered into a comprehensive collaboration framework with CoinAll across markets in China, Singapore & Vietnam. Midas has been earnestly working on integration of our Wallet system into CoinAll API - the first move out of many towards striving to strong collaborative partnership.

The quality of everiToken lies in it being the world's first token-customized public chain, hence its ability to deliver a robust & versatile infrastructure for its new token issuance, security tokens and any other of its decentralized applications. With everiToken's everyPay being able to process up 10,000 transactions per second & with confirmation times as low as 1 second, Midas Protocol has decided to integrate this revolutionary payment solution. We will also support everiToken's EVT token on its platform and in exchange everiToken will help to promote Midas Protocol's ecosystem to its extensive merchant/user network.

Midas Protocol has became an Affiliate Member of the Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO), joining a number of world’s leading wallets and exchanges such as Coinomi, ShapeShift, BRD, Edge, KeepKey, Mycelium and MyCrypto. FIO aims to accelerate blockchain adoption by reducing the complexity, risk and inconvenience associated with exchanging coins and tokens. FIO will offer standardized set of open source APIs and SDKs which will be possible to adopt and integrate internationally and into any wallet, exchange, or crypto payment processor. Becoming an affiliate member to FIO will of course provide Midasians with increase of powerful usable features, but it also signifies much more that that. Affiliation to FIO is the manifestation of our persistence to promote solidarity and stability within the cryptocurrency world in order to contribute to the increased adoption of blockchain technology and normalization of cryptocurrency use.

The Midas Protocol Wallet

We have been tirelessly working on improving our Midas Wallet product release version to make it as accessible and user friendly as possible. The last quarter of the year have therefore yielded many improvements upon this area and many new exciting features!

Newly added coins onto the Midas Wallet:

  • XZC
  • DIVI
  • TVND
  • TUSD
  • TOMO/TRC-20
  • USDT
    New Features:
  • Support of portfolio management via API (Binance, Vinex)
  • Price/Balance change notification
  • Support of multiple languages: French, Chinese, Vietnamese, English, Japanese
  • Token address book: save and label addresses to avoid typo mistakes which might lead to transfer of tokens to unintended accounts.
  • Introduction of the new feature to swap TOMO with MCASH (Midas Cash), helping out newcomers to have enough gas to send TRC20 or call smart contract methods


Despite much of our focus being directed onto developing the Midas Wallet, running our Vinex Network has by no means been neglected. During Q4 2018, we have increased the active user rate on the network, the number of coin listing and new functionalities on Vinex. We are proud to say that we have been closely following our roadmap, using Vinex to continuously test all possible cyber attacks that could occur to an exchange whilst standing by our vow in maintaining MAS as a convenient and stable base coin.

New coin listings on Vinex.Network

  • TVND
  • TOMO
  • DIVI
  • VEO
  • KAT
  • SNOW
  • BEAM
  • GRIN
  • VEIL
  • PIVX
  • XZC
  • ARO

The purpose of the Midas Pioneer status is to acknowledge the loyal Vinex & Midas users, incentivize and reward them for their active participation. The Midas Pioneers are members of Midas Protocol who have joined and supported Midas from the very beginning and therefore have earned themselves significant benefits as:

  • A lifetime discount of 20% on any fees to be paid for the premium functionalities on the Midas platform (coming soon).
  • The ability to participate on the masternode staking and earning passive income from it.
  • 50% discount on transaction fees when trading on the Vinex Network
    After “The Purge”, 193 Pioneer slots offering the Pioneer Status remained available. To retain their exclusivity as well as give opportunity for others to obtain the Midas Pioneer status at a latter date, 108 slots were subsequently burnt.
    However, as a way of encouraging the usage of MAS tokens, the remaining of the unburnt slots were put up either for bidding with MAS or given in return for locking MAS within a set period of time. As a result of this campaign, 84 pioneering slots were claimed (42 through MAS bidding & 42 through MAS locking).

In the beginning of December, Vinex has listed DIVI on the network and became the first platform to provide DIVI/ETH & DIVI/USDT, widening Vinex's crypto/crypto exchange range. A reward campaign was also set up on the Vinex.Network with users able to gain $DIVI for free, the amount depending on their Midasian Status.
Pioneers and Midasians can choose to withdraw $DIVI from VINEX to their own wallets to immediately start staking (minimum of 10,000 $DIVI). They can also lock their coins on the exchange for us to run their stake for them instantly, effortlessly and for free.

Midas Foundation

The Midas Foundation continues striving towards a robust platform, supporting Frontier Tech projects & fundraising for startups. In the last quarter of the year the Foundation presented a very promising share offering project and masternodes staking.

True VND had became the first company to have its share offering executed through the Midas Foundation. Backed by Regulus Investment & Capital Holdings & with many valuable partnerships behind it, True VND was created to cater the needs of the Vietnamese crypto market, which globally ranks as the 6th in terms of crypto traffic. However, to only recognise its potential within the current limits of the Viet crypto market would be a grave mistake. The need and desire to invest into Vietnam whilst not being limited by the current system is only growing and so will the recognition of cryptocurrency's ability be a stable and safe way to do so. We look forward to the unfolding of true benefits of TVND soon and will be there during its development.

The total of 20% of the True VND shares had been offered through the Midas Foundation platform with the valuation of True VND Pte Ltd being on 8M USD. Shares were available to buy through $MAS as well.

After extensive research and consideration, Tomochain masternodes began to run on the Midas Foundation. We have designated about 85% of our TOMO fund to run Tomo masternodes; and the rest 15% to vote for our nodes and other matters.
Our final decision has been to run 3 masternodes and 3 voters with the total of 165,000 TOMO. Aware of it only being one third of the original plan of 500,000 TOMO, we opted to triple the reward programme instead as explained further here.
MAS Listings

The fact that $MAS has been able to get listed on BIBOX is a proof of Midas possessing a powerful community that wholeheartedly believes in our mission and in what we do. It was the 368,924 votes given from 2,489 ardent supporters that won us the listing which reaffirms our belief that giving back to the community is the best way to succeed ourselves as well. Midas is fundamentally run on the principle that whilst going fast is best done alone, going far is only possible when going together. We therefore would like to wholeheartedly express our gratitude to community, as it would not have been possible without the faith you have in us.
BIBOX is one of the Top 10 AI-enhanced crypto-currency exchanges operated since 2017, providing an easy access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies as BTC, BTH, BIX, NEO, EOS, OmiseGo, IOTA, Qtum, ADA… and will form an invaluable platform to further $MAS usage.

With the aim to empower humans with global, frictionless trade, AirSwap is a decentralized, peer-to-peer token trading network built on the Ethereum blockchain. The greatest advantage of AirSwap is that buying & selling tokens on it is secure, simple and without any fees. Midas has therefore listed MAS on AirSwap to provide MAS users with increased trading options with the aim to increase the overall MAS liquidity and trading volume.
Community Events
Midas' strategy has in the last period of the year primarily focused on growing a stable user base and increasing $MAS adoption. Running these community events was therefore not only a way of executing our strategy, but we also wanted to take the opportunity to thank and give back to the entire Midas community. Our stable and continuous growth during the year would not have been possible without you and your support.

To effectively promote the Midas Protocol wallet, the Referral Rewards programme was set up to incentify all the Midasians with the opportunity to gain MAS tokens as a reward for spreading the advantages of the Midas wallet through word of mouth and getting their peers on board to use it. The Referral Rewards programme resulted to a 59% conversion rate with a total of 1793 qualified users.

To make the end of the year merrier and introduce the Midas' presence on Kyber Network, Midas Protocol ran three competitions:

  • Just Swap & get Rewarded with the total of 393 qualified participants who each earned themselves 763.36 $MAS
  • Trading Challenge which awarded 12 users in with the highest amounts of either volume swapped in ETH (429.737 ETH in total of the top ranked users) or amount of swaps made (584 swaps in total of the top ranked users) during both periods of the challenge.
  • Grand Lucky Draw was a challenge based on luck, rewarding 416 $KNC to each lucky winner in both of the rounds of the Lucky Draw.


It is our prime responsibility as a business and to our users that we continuously reinforce our core team through strength, cooperation and stability in mind, whilst enriching Midas Protocol with increased innovation. We are always searching for people with passion, talent and tenacity to execute the visions Midas Protocol has devoted itself to carry out. We firmly believe that our new team members will prove themselves being valuable additions to the core team.


  • Thanh Le has joined the Midas Team from CocCoc - the 2nd most used browser in Vietnam, only preceded by Google Chrome, to be in charge of Innovation and Product Development of the entire Midas Protocol, helping us build a more robust Midas Ecosystem.
  • Alexander Nguyen has became part our at the end of the year to advance the strategic R&D roadmap for Midas and bring together with his extensive experience from developing Zcoin and co-founding CoinBar group, increased innovation to the company’s research and development projects.

The last quarter of the year signifies itself to the entire Midas Protocol as a productive and busy time period, running our Wallet, Vinex.Network and Foundation on product release versions, entering significant partnership deals and furthering our product development. Having many tunings and improvements ahead, we will continue to run our roadmap and keep delivering on our promises.

            In crypto we trust, in you we believe! - The Midas Protocol

UP Next:

  • In Q1 2019, Midas Protocol will begin to integrate the newly partnered exchanges and further its coin listings on Midas wallet as well as on Vinex.
  • Right now, we are integrating the Sentinel check into the Midas wallet as a part of our continual security fortifications
  • EveriPay integration process is mapped onto the end of the Q1.
  • Expect the addition of multi-address ability, advance portfolio settings and curated news on the Midas wallet soon
  • Midas Protocol is continuously searching for new and top ICO and/or chain technology to enter into strategic partnership to list on Vinex Network and Midas Protocol universal wallet
Midas Protocol - Moving Forward & Upward
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