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BCoin.sg Exchange is a leading fiat-cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Singapore. More than an exchange, BCoin’s vision is to be the world’s first fiat-crypto exchange with integrated digital payment solutions - empowering investors to trade, store and spend all of their favourite cryptocurrencies easily and securely. The team behind BCoin.sg combines more than 30 years of experience in investment banking, fintech and exchange infrastructure development.

Midas Protocol is an intelligent platform created for crypto-traders, from newbies to experts. We aim to be the smartest universal wallet for all essential crypto needs, from safekeeping, intelligent trading, portfolio management, easy conversion to fiat and spending of cryptocurrencies.

Leveraging on Midas’ powerful tools and BCoin’s vast expertise in cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem, the strategic collaboration will drive greater synergy in the following initiatives, strengthening both organization’s expansion in the ASEAN region.

  1. Co-branded BCoin & Midas Protocol Prepaid Debit card, with ability to recharge directly from Midas Protocol Wallet
  2. Listing MAS on BCoin.sg Exchange, with greater access to ASEAN and Global investors
  3. API integration for Midas users to better manage their portfolio on BCoin.sg Exchange
  4. Growing Midas Wallet App usage through various synergies in Airlines, Celebrity Ambassadors, Gaming and Video Streaming Communities
  5. Launching VND fiat capability on BCoin.sg Exchange
  6. Joint collaboration in expanding BCoin Token Sales in ASEAN
  7. Accelerating community growth in both Singapore and Vietnam

Mr. Davy Goh, CEO of Bcoin commented:
Midas Protocol is a leading influential project in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Their vision and cutting-edge solution towards empowering cryptocurrency investors are key in enabling adoption for new and seasoned traders. BCoin.sg is proud to be their preferred partner in expanding their global footprint - encouraging mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies across Southeast Asia.
Source: https://www.bcoin.sg/cms/newsContent/article?articleSeqNo=1613452659534082049&title=News

Dr. David Nguyen Vu, Chairman of Regulus added: BCoin has vast network in the Chinese speaking community in the region and deep experience in FinTech and Payment Solution. Midas Protocol is honored to have such strategic partner with high level of synergy. Together, we will bring the Crypto adoption to the larger public for ASEAN.

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