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Singapore — Midas Protocol, an emerging blockchain solutions company announces that it will offer a token sale to create an intelligent tool for everyone to manage, invest, trade, exchange and spend crypto-assets. As a decentralized platform built on blockchain technology, token sale funds will be used to develop its products and drive the company’s aim to increase wealth through smart crypto investment and portfolio management. Midas Protocol aims to be the smartest universal wallet for all essential crypto needs, from safekeeping, intelligent trading, portfolio management, easy conversion to fiat and spending of cryptocurrencies.

Kambria is the first blockchain project to build open innovation platform that enables and incentivizes collaborations in R&D, manufacturing, and commercializing advanced technology with a focus on AI & Robotics applications in the consumer space. Kambria contains protocols uniquely designed with blockchain and crypto-economics to address the current waste and efficiencies in today’s innovation model. Kambria will build an ecosystem in which enthusiasts, universities, startups, and big corporations can come together and pave the way for the next wave of millions of robots to provide value to billions of people around the world.

The strategic partnership between Midas Protocol and Kambria will enable the integration of Midas Protocol Wallet into Kambria ecosystem. All Midasians will be able to exchange any cryptocurrencies they store in Midas wallet with Kambria token in real time.

“We care deeply about the user experience on Kambria. Integration with Midas wallet will help us significantly streamline access to the Kambria platform. Any crypto holder can quickly acquire KAT and start participating on Kambria, such as voting for the next featured innovation project, or investing into the projects they find most compelling. Robotics developers also have the flexibility to convert their licensing fee to the cryptocurrencies of their choice. We are excited about this strategic partnership with Midas, as it will further extend Kambria’s reach.” — Dr. Thuc Vu, Kambria Co-founder and CEO commented.

“At Midas Protocol, we aim not only to contribute to the Blockchain Ecosystem and the global adoption of this technology, we also seek to support other innovation projects in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic, Internet of Things etc. This strategic partnership with Kambria is the first step on our mission to the future economy” — Dr. David Nguyen Vu, Chairman and CFO of Midas Protocol commented.

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