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After 2 quarters of continuous core development works, Midas Ecosystem now proudly present to you:

  • A versatile Midas crypto wallet that supports 8 chains: BTC, ETH, TOMO, DIVI, ZIL, XZC, USDT, NEO (including ERC20, TRC20, NEP5); integrated with Kyber Network and IDEX for hassle-free in-app trading directly from mobile wallet with over 500 tokens; integrated with Vinex Network for trading through API; having dApp browser that runs seamlessly with deep-link and address book for convenience use. Available on both Android & iOS: http://onelink.to/xyqb5u
  • A centralized exchange Vinex.Network that lists 15 coins and tokens with more than 60 pairs and counting. The new and fast-growing exchange Vinex Network has also been listed on Coingecko recently.

In parallel with our core development, Midas is also working with many partners to offer a range of new additions to the ecosystem:

We are now excited to announce a series of new collaboration initiatives that will soon come in to play in our ecosystem, thanks to our strategic partners

  1. Tomobowl (http://www.tomobowl.com): A social gaming arena where players can play directly against each other or in group. Tomobowl will be a dApp fully integrated in Midas wallet.
  2. Tomovatar (integrated in Tomobowl): a set of avatar that can be used on Tomobowl, Tomodice, Tomodome and Mcashdice. This set of avatar is non-fungible in nature, hence tradable directly on a marketplace on Tomobowl.
  3. Tomodome (http://www.tomodome.com): the hall of fame for Tomochain builders and supporters as well as for the partners of Tomochain to showcase their branding in one place.
  4. Midashimaya (http://www.midashimaya.com): the Amazon on Blockchain, a decentralized and online department store that offer to shop owners the capability to open shop and sell to buyers who can sign and pay directly by using Midas wallet on dApp browser.
  5. NewCater (http://www.newcater.com): a decentralized auction platform using smart contract for bidding of items, including collectibles such as Tomovatars.
  6. CoinUp24: a blockchain and crypto focus news what will provide curated news to Midas wallet users.
  7. B.E.S.T Center (http://www.bestcenter.vn): a blockchain engineering training and headhunting center located in Hanoi, Vietnam where many meetings and seminars will take place to exchange ideas for blockchain movement in South East Asia region.

More details of each initiatives will be finalized and announced closer to launching date.

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