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Midas Touch is a Pro functionality Pillar of Midas Wallet App. This functionality will soon be only available for the Pro Version. At the time being, it is still free to use for all users. This functionality is related to Crypto Traded Funds and Multiple Staking Campaign Pool. Midas will work with various Financial Institutions, Investment Funds, Trading Houses to offer ETFs and Staking Campaigns for many types of coins and tokens. Individual contributors to the Funds for trading or for staking will earn higher ROI with peace of mind.

Each campaign will have:

  1. Start Registration: the time that users can start contributing to the pool
  2. End Registration: the time that the pool is closed for contribution
  3. Start Staking/Trading: the time that the pool starts staking/trading
  4. End Staking/Trading: the time that the pool stops staking/trading

Key functionalities in the Finance Tab:

  • Deposit
  • Withdraw
  • Stake
  • Unstake (user can unstake partially or fully between the point 3 and 4. When unstake early, the profit will be calculated according to terms and conditions of the campaigns).

When the campaign ends, the system automatically calculates the initial and the interest and sends it to users’ balance on Finance Tab where users can withdraw back to their individual wallet. There is also history for users to see the deposit, withdraw and staking of all the campaigns that they participate in.

The first campaign from Mcashchain is as follows:

  • Pool size: 2 millions $MCASH
  • Expected ROI: 24% per year
  • Pooling period: from 20 May to 2 June
  • Staking period: 1 June to 30 June

We will be looking forward to other possible campaigns with our partners: Tokoin Staking, Kyber Katalyst etc. as soon as the campaigns are properly set up.

Find out more on Midas ecosystem:

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