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Midas Wallet App New Update - Jan 2020

Kick Off the New Year With a Bang! Midas Protocol team has been working tirelessly to continue improving our products day in day out. We pride ourselves on delivering the best product in its class within a seemingly impossible timeline. And today again, we are excited to announce Midas wallet has been upgraded with new amazing functions and new coins & chains supported.

Midas wallet version 1.6.6 on iOS and version 1.6.8 on Android.

Midas Protocol wallet version 1.6.8 has been released on Android and version 1.6.6 on iOS with these exclusive features:

  • Now support Factom (FCT), Pegnet (PEG), Cosmos (ATOM), Zcash (ZEC), Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Support Vinex Lending
  • Support more exchanges (Okex, Kucoin, Huobi) withdrawal


  • Games: Lucky Wheel 2.0 - we have improved the user experience, and what’s more? Users now can claim all the prizes in just one time!
  • Kyber KNC on McashPay & Midashimaya.
  • Midashimaya sign-in by Midas: Sign-in by Midas is the Payment intermediary that helps users to link their crypto-wallets and confirm their transactions with different platforms such as gaming, eCommerce...
  • dApp: Fengshui - a great tool to generate MCASH Fengshui addresses. Enter the prefix/suffix of your choice and generate it. Your browser will generate lots of random addresses until one matches your input.

Midas Protocol — one of the most powerful and universal crypto wallets that enables STORE, SWAP, STAKE, SHARE, SPEND various coins and tokens. Supporting 26 chains, thousands of tokens, integrated with 14 exchanges and hundreds of dApps and platforms, the Midas wallet app has been proven to be the wallet app of choice for thousands of crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

Please download or upgrade to this latest version to enjoy cool new functions and receive more supported coins/tokens.

Thanks and enjoy!

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Midas Wallet App New Update - Jan 2020
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