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Midashimaya — The first C-commerce with McashPay crypto payment gateway

Blockchain and E-commerce have one thing in common: transactions. E-commerce depends on them, and blockchain enables them to be made faster, safer, and with more features than ever before.

Midashimaya — the Amazon on Blockchain, a decentralized and online crypto-enabled department store that offers to shop owners the capability to open a shop and sell to buyers who pay directly by using MCashPay or other payment gateway. Midashimaya allows everyone to buy and sell physical, virtual, tokenized products and more.

MCashPay crypto payment gateway developed by Midas using on exchange balance to settle the payment at Zero Fees for buyers and instant lightning speed. Users can use Midas wallet to pay for items at ease. MCashPay plugin is developed in such a way that it can be integrated into any platform from gaming to e-commerce, the similar way Paypal or Stripe do. If you want to accept crypto payment using MCashPay, drop us a note to [email protected]

Midashimaya and MCashPay are two innovative products/platforms of Midas Ecosystem, contributing to the growth and adoption of crypto for the new dawn of C-Commerce.

Mr. Phillip Phung, CMO of Midas ecosystem commented: “Midashimaya is helping all shop-owners/SMB/entrepreneurs to save store opening costs, advertising costs and at the same time reach customers more easily. With blockchain technology, both buyers and sellers will save time and minimize intermediary costs incurred during the purchase process. Midashimaya will pave a new direction for e-commerce and also help accelerate blockchain/cryptocurrency adoption.”

If you want to open a new shop in Midashimaya, please visit: https://midashimaya.com/open-shop.html
To know more about McashPay payment gateway, please visit: https://mcashpay.com/

Midashimaya — The first C-commerce with McashPay crypto payment gateway
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