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MoneyPool development on MCashChain

Singapore, 14th July 2019,

MCashChain is a Decentralized and Social e-Payment Platform with Zero Fee and Lighting Speed, which aims to Enable Frictionless Digital Economy. MCashChain will have the most aspired characters for high throughput dApps required by Midas Ecosystem and our dApps extension allies. By learning from all existing dPos Chains, MCashChain eliminates the pain points, and the instability of previous chains developed. 10k TPS with LightningSend feature enabled since the 1st day, 3-second block confirmation time, zero-fee for ordinary users, fully integrated with a larger Midas ecosystem, including Midas Wallet, Vinex.Network exchange and cross-chain exchange UniDex.

MoneyPool is a blockchain game platform offering a skilled based game for mobile devices. In MoneyPool, multiple players can compete against each other, playing billiards on a bet. The game offers in-game purchase items for MNPL and MNPLM tokens. Players can also participate in tournaments. All MNPL or MNPLM tokens won in MONEYPOOL can be withdrawn to an external wallet, such as Midas Wallet, and exchange on various crypto exchanges. MoneyPool is among the first mobile blockchain game selected to be on MCashChain and benefits from MCashChain’s secure, transparent, highly scalable solution, specially catered tools for dApps.

Mr. Phillip Phung, Chief Marketing Officer of MCashChain commented: “We welcome MoneyPool to join our Midas ecosystem as one of the first few platforms selected to be on MCashChain. The synergy is strong, and we are confident that MCashChain would bring great value and growth to MoneyPool with our decentralized & social e-payment solution with Lighting speed & Zero fee. We also look forward to working with MoneyPool to expand both operations to new territories and to serve millions of users soon.”

Ivan Vakar CEO MONEYPOOL: We are happy to partner with MCashChain. It is a big step forward for the MONEYPOOL. I’m sure the synergy between MCashChain and MONEYPOOL will bring benefits and convenience for users worldwide.

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MoneyPool development on MCashChain
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