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New exciting features to be released on Jinn - The @CryptoAdvanceBot

Jinn is the advanced crypto bot built by Tokenbot AI - a special project from Midas.eco which focuses on innovative solutions for the blockchain industry, especially crypto space.

Jinn, embedded in Telegram messenger, will provide a whole new experience of digital asset trading and management. Jinn allows users to easily manage a variety of digital assets and by doing so, it significantly lowers the barrier of inconvenient usability. Jinn is expected to trigger the mass adoption of blockchain services by offering a wide spectrum of user-centric blockchain applications that can be enjoyed through Telegram Messenger.
From July, more fun & exciting features will be rolled out for Jinn:

  • Adding members to the Telegram groups and earn daily rewards (token reward depends on specific group. Example: on Mcaschain, users can earn MCASH, on Midas users can earn MMAS, on Multicoin, users can earn MCC, on God of Go, users can earn GOT etc.) This will open a whole new way for our partners to engage with their community by using our Jinn service.
  • Playing multiple type of games on Telegram groups will give airdrop rewards to players and affiliate airdrop to groups owners
  • Trading directly on centralized exchanges as well as OTC using chat syntax

KOLs, especially Telegram groups, are now able to engage & grow their community easier and in a more fun way.
For example with Mcashchain group:

  • For every new member successfully added in the telegram group, both inviter and invitee will be rewarded 1.8888 $MCASH.
  • If you are among top 10 leaderboard, you will be rewarded $2.8888 MCASH each invite
  • Rewards will be distributed to winners / inviters’ locked balance within 1 week.

Got it! So where do I download Jinn?
You don’t need to download Jinn. Once you join any Telegram group that has Jinn added, you can right away interact and use Jinn. The motto of Jinn: Your wish is my command, like Genie in the bottle. Welcome to the crypto magical world with Jinn, a product of Tokenbot AI, a subsidiary of Midas Protocol.
Just talk to Jinn on Telegram at: @CryptoAdvanceBot

How do I (and my Telegram Group) monetize with Jinn?

  • Jinn is linked with many gaming platforms such as Multicoin Casino, Multicoin for Fun McashDice, Tomodice, Kdice, Kasino Fun, Zeros Casino, Tomo Casino etc. When players use Jinn Playing Syntax to play games in a group chat, the volume of play is recorded for each group, hence to calculate the referral earning for the group owner shared from the gaming platform to them.
  • Jinn is also linked to various exchanges that agree to share the trading fees to the group owners if the trading is carried out using Jinn Trading Syntax within the group.
  • There will be a platform for the group owners to login and monitor their earning through Jinn
New exciting features to be released on Jinn - The @CryptoAdvanceBot
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