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Partnership between Midas Protocol - MCashChain and KhoiNghiep.com : Building dApp as a way to become entrepreneurs


KhoiNghiep.com is a social network and platform currently serves 1 million users who are interested in entrepreneurship. KhoiNghiep.com use frontier technologies to bridge and link all resources in order to build the sharing economy and to formulate new way of entrepreneurship to boost Startup Nation initiatives.

MCashChain is a public blockchain with high scalability, instant transfer at zero fees, developed by Midas Protocol. The partnership between Midas Protocol / MCashChain and KhoiNghiep.com aims to promote a campaign of technopreneurship: Building dApp as a way to become entrepreneurs. We aim to bridge the gap between tech angel investors and decentralized application programmers.

All programmers who have ideas and capabilities to build decentralized applications will be supported by Midas Protocol to build their products on MCashChain. The support includes initial funding, coaching, technical help, marketing and launched directly on Midas Wallet. All projects will be initiated on Khoinghiep.com and voted by the public using MCash as way to vote. If you have funds and want to invest into dApps but still clueless and no coding capabilities, please come to us. If you can code but having no capital and/or idea, please reach out to us as well. We pledge to help you kickstart your project and grow along the way.

This partnership continues to show our commitment and relentless effort for greater adoption and use of Blockchain, fully aligned with the objective set by Vietnamese government on promoting Technological Revolution 4.0 and Startup Nation Initiatives launched Vietnam Ministry of Investment and Planning.

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Partnership between Midas Protocol - MCashChain and KhoiNghiep.com : Building dApp as a way to become entrepreneurs
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