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Midas Pioneers have voted. The Purge has completed. Midasians already had 2 weeks to get these Pioneer slots for free by locking their MAS from 3 months to 1 year. And now comes the time for us to Lock, Burn and Bid these slots, which reaffirms our mission to maintain a healthy engagement level of Midas Pioneers for better Midas Ecosystem.

  • Number of Pioneer slots claimed for free by locking : 42 slots
  • Number of Pioneer slots to be burnt: 108 slots
  • Number of Pioneer slots available for bidding: 42 slots

Bidding will be conducted daily from 1 Dec to 30 Dec 2018. 2 slots will be made available for bidding daily during that period.

Please read Bidding Rules in details here: https://vinex.network/auction-rule

This is the last chance to get Pioneer status, ever! So stay tuned and Happy bidding.

Recap of Midas Pioneer benefits:

  • Lifetime discount of 20% of any fees that you will have to pay for premium functionalities of the Midas platform (soon to come).
  • 50% discount on transaction fees when trading on Vinex Network
  • Earn much higher referral bonus when bringing new user to Vinex
  • Vote for projects on Midas Foundation and receive voting rewards
  • Join pool to participate in project private token sale with high bonus
  • Receive pooling and Vinex listing airdrop rewards
  • Submit new projects on Midas Foundation
  • Submit ideas and earn reward if idea is implemented
  • Participate on masternode staking and earning passive income (E.g: divinode, tomonode, znode…)
  • Discount when invest into STO, CSO projects on Midas Foundation
  • Receive operating income sharing (in future)
  • Priority to convert MAS into shares during IPO (in future)

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