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Operating on blockchain technology, Sentinel Protocol harnesses collective cyber security intelligence to protect crypto assets against hackers, scams and fraud. Sentinel Protocol is the first of its kind security platform that operates on blockchain principles. In addition to the security intelligence, Sentinel Protocol utilizes top-notch machine learning and sandboxing technologies. By applying blockchain technology to the cybersecurity space, Sentinel Protocol / Uppsala is building a truly decentralized yet safely connected crypto world.

Regulus / Midas and Sentinel Protocol is working towards the integration of Midas Wallet and the Vinex Exchange via Sentinel Protocol’s Interactive Cooperation Framework (ICF) API with Threat Reputation Database (TRDB) which contains Security Intelligence Whitelists and Blacklists detailing confirmed IOC’s of threats related to phishing, malware, hacks, and scams. In addition, the two organizations will collaborate on community building and HR development & management in respective countries. Regulus and Sentinel Protocol are also facilitating the foundation of regional association of crypto exchanges with other members representing various countries throughout the Asia/Pacific region.

Mr. John Kirch, Chief Evangelist, Sentinel Protocol commented:
We are excited to establish a strategic partnership with Regulus in bringing our transformative technology to the Asian market. Our new partnership will further enable individuals and organizations to inoculate themselves against fraud and malicious threats. Although the cryptocurrency market is growing exponentially, security remains a top concern for many users. With hacks and scams becoming more frequent and increasingly sophisticated, Sentinel Protocol’s security solutions aim to defend exchanges and wallets against phishing and malware attacks, and to reduce the chances of their users getting hacked or scammed. Expanding our strategic alliance and threat database means a safer experience for customers who use these security features while trading on a platform or transacting via their wallets.

Dr. David Nguyen Vu, CFO of Midas added: Protecting the users of Midas Protocol Wallet/Platform and Vinex Network Exchange is our most important task. With the help of Sentinel Protocol’s experts, we strongly believe that will add a new strong layer of security shield to our Midasians’ digital assets and their wallet - Midas Protocol.

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