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Stake and Earn USDT with Annual Yield up to 100% on Midas Touch


August was a wonderful month with the explodes of DeFi projects. Those such as AAVE, Balancer … have become an important part of the DeFi ecosystem chain, allowing those who invest in the markets to provide liquidity for the market using their spare properties, as well as earn cashflow and passive income.

Despite that, we realized there are still huge obstacles preventing medium and small investors from taking part in the DeFi protocol, for example too high exchange fees on ETH network in order to enable smart-contracts, or there are many scam projects created to steal money from inexperienced users… Midas Touch was born to solve these problems.

Midas Touch provides a simple interface and easy steps on Midas Protocol wallet for everyone to take part in the DeFi movement. After 2 experiment months, we have received many positive responses from the community. Hence, we decided to take a new step for Midas Touch β€” a new USDT staking pool.

Details on USDT staking pool:
Registration time: from now until 31 August 2020
Capacity: 50,000 USDT
Annual Percentage Yield : Up to 100%
Duration: 1 month.
Asset: USDT ERC20 β€” on Ethereum chain.

Sign up for a Midas Touch account (Skip this step if you have one already)
You will need a Midas account if you want to login to Midas Touch.
You can register for an account right from Midas wallet app, or go here: https://id.midasprotocol.com/register

Deposit into Midas Touch account
Step 1: Choose Menu at Midas Touch interface on Midas wallet app
Step 2: Choose Deposit
Step 3: Choose the coin/token desired to deposit and the amount

Register to participate in USDT pool:
Step 1: Choose Midas Touch tab on Midas wallet app
Step 2: Scroll down to see USDT pool
Step 3: Type the amount you want to deposit to USDT pool

Note: Please make sure that you have a sufficient balance on Midas Touch, as Midas Wallet balance is separated from Midas Touch balance.

**With Midas Touch, everyone can participate in DeFi movement with just one touch.

Find out more on Midas ecosystem
🌟 https://midas.eco/
🌟 https://mcash.eco/

Midas Wallet
βœ… Blog: https://blog.midasprotocol.io
βœ… Telegram: https://t.me/midasprotocolglobal , https://t.me/MidasPR
βœ… Facebook: https://fb.com/MidasProtocol.io
βœ… Twitter: https://twitter.com/MidasProtocol
βœ… Website: https://www.midasprotocol.io
βœ… YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/midasprotocol
Get it for free & experience Convenience at its best: http://onelink.to/midaswallet

βœ… Website: https://www.MCash.Network
βœ… Twitter: https://Twitter.com/MCashChain
βœ… Telegram: https://t.me/MCashChain ; https://t.me/MCashChainPR
βœ… Blog: https://medium.com/MCashChain
βœ… Facebook: https://facebook.com/MCashChain
βœ… YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/mcashchain

Stake and Earn USDT with Annual Yield up to 100% on Midas Touch
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