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Nearly one year from ICO, our product development has been strong and steady. Now is the time we would like to reveal the strategy moving forward in parallel with our main roadmap. The following strategies will drive faster growth in value for MAS.

  1. Blockchainization as a Service:
    MCashChain private testnet has been completed. Public testnet is set on 06/06 and Public Mainnet is set on 26/06. We design our chain for the purpose of Blockchainization Strategy. We will help converting existing apps and platforms into dApps and decentralized platforms on MCashChain. We have a very healthy pipeline of existing products/services waiting to be converted and launched on MCashChain, using MCash to fuel and to serve existing customers directly from Midas Wallet. This will help to bring more mainstream users to move from apps to dapps and create much more utility for Midas Wallet.

  2. dApp on Demand:
    Midas Foundation and MCash Foundation will start to initiate several activities to support the dapp development on MCashChain that includes:
    Solidity Coding Courses at Blockchain Excellence Search and Training Center
    Dapp Ideas Competition and Pitching
    Investment day for matching Angel Investor and Dapp development teams
    Internship and Talent Hunting for dApp development

  3. Driving C-Commerce and Crypto Payment
    MCashPay is a secure platform that makes it easy to buy, sell and store cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tether, TrueVND, MAS, MCASH and much more. It will be deployed as a plugin that can be used to plug into any commerce platform to collect crypto payment directly from Midas Wallet and via Vinex’s account balance with instant speed and zero fee. Midashimaya will be the first C-Commerce platform that is deployed and use MCashPay. Gemmob Studio will soon integrate MCashPay and MCashChain into their games with multi-million users to facilitate their gaming payment system.

In Crypto we trust, in Midas we grow!

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