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Stronger Management Board for Midas.Eco's next phase of growth


We are pleased to announce that we have strengthened our Executive Board with the appointment of 4 CXO positions

Midas CIO Thanh Le is now named CEO of Midas Protocol and Vinex Network

Thanh Le was the co-founder and former Chief Information Officer of CocCoc - the 2nd biggest browser in Vietnam. Thanh was responsible for building the technology behind CocCoc, driving it to become the biggest Vietnamese digital advertising publisher with 30 million monthly active users. Thanh Le has been the key driver behind Midas Protocol & Vinex Network product development and growth. Thanh Le brings to the position a wealth of knowledge and an array of experiences in blockchain space.

Midas CTO Ngoc P. Nguyen (aka. SN) is now named as Midas Group Vice President for Technology

SN will be overseeing all subsidiaries in BVI, Singapore and Vietnam as well as upcoming subsidiaries in South East Asia. He has been the bedrock of Midas.eco, laying the technology foundation for the whole group since inception, and will be continue to do so.
SN has 25 years of programming experience under his belt. He has championed many prestigious international programming competitions such as International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM-ICPC), Imagine Cup and Google Code Jam. SN returned to Vietnam in 2011 and led the Tech team of Cốc Cốc Search Engine & Browser (the number 2 web browser in Vietnam, only after Chrome). He was also the Core Developer of Zcoin.

Hoang Ngo is now promoted to CTO of Vinex Network crypto-exchange

Hoang Ngo is currently Vinex.Network co-founder and Senior Blockchain Developer. Hoang has been the strongest pillar of Vinex Network, not just on tech aspects but its overall strategy too.
Hoang won Second Prize at Vietnamese National Information Contest. He was a backend Developer at CocCoc search Engine. After that, he joined and worked as CTO role for several startups. He was also a Zcoin Developer, Exclusive Coin developer. Mr. Hoang has 4 years programming experience in blockchain core and crypto exchange.

Duc Nguyen is now promoted to CTO of Midas Protocol

Mr. Duc Nguyen has been a Senior Blockchain Developer at Mcashchain and Midas Protocol. His knowledge and experience has been most valuable asset of Midas.eco and Mcash.eco.
Before this, Mr. Duc had several years of experience working as a backend developer at Coc Coc search engine. He also had 3 years performing as the team leader who were responsible for building the core system for technology projects.

These appointments mark a new chapter for Midas.eco & Mcash.eco as we embark on an ambitious plan of growth for the next phase.

We are also opening many more new positions in the R&D department, enlarging our scope to provide many more solutions to our clients from both SME and Public sector. Interested candidates please kindly email your CV and resume to [email protected].

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Stronger Management Board for Midas.Eco's next phase of growth
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