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Thank you & Happy Lunar New Year!


Dear MidasDollar community,

Quick take of Midas Dollar’s key milestones since launch 3 days ago.
✅ All time high TVL: $15M (so far)
✅ Total $MDO trading volume: $7M
✅ Verified/listed on Coingecko, BSCscan, BSC_price_bot
✅ Maintaining at least 4 pools with APY over 10,000%
All thanks to you - our amazing Midas Dollar community!

As you may know, Midas Dollar team is located mostly in Asia, where we are celebrating Lunar New Year. We are trying out best to speed up product development and growing the community. We are working non-stop at 200% but please expect slower responses during this festive season and occasional spike in traffic & requests. From Product, Marketing to Community, all hands on deck with top priority is pushing forward $MDO adoption & utility and supporting our users.

⭐️ Potential partners in Binance Smart Chain ecosystem have been reached out, such as YieldWatch, Beefy, AutoFarm, BSC news, etc. Our superhero tech team is taking final steps to launch Midas Dollar Boardroom and Midas Vault - an auto-compound tool to optimize the best yield for you.

💫 Only 3 days past since launch, we can never know what future holds, as things move fast in crypto, especially so in DeFi space, but 1 thing is certain: we’ll give our best shot no matter what. Lots of exciting stuff is coming up. And thank you for your support - all early believers of $MDO!


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Thank you & Happy Lunar New Year!
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