The 4th MAS & MCash Double Burning


Dear Midasians,

The community burning through Midas Infinity Burner dApp has been welcomed passionately by the community. We will continue this community weekly burning in the next several years.

After the 3rd burning in April, the 4th double burning for May by Midas Ecosystem has been completed:

Addresses where the burning happens:

  • MAS: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead (Ethereum)

To know more about the Growth through Double Burning, please read:
To check the rate of burn, please see at or

To our beloved Midasians, don’t forget that every time you use a product of Midas Eco and every time you share and help to bring new users to Midas Eco, you contribute to the growth of MAS and MCash value through this double burning process.

Find out more on Midas ecosystem:

Midas Wallet


The 4th MAS & MCash Double Burning
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