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The first paid listing by $MAS on Vinex Network

As you already know, $MAS is the base token of Vinex Network exchange. Traders can choose to pay trading fees by $MAS and get discounted trading fees. Additionally, projects that are looking to be listed on Vinex Network can also choose to pay listing fees in $MAS at discounted rates. Both $MAS income from trading fees and listing fees will be contributed toward the ecosystem burning at the end of the month, leading toward our ultimate goal to reduce the circulation supply and bring volume growth.

Today, we are thrilled to announce our first $MAS paid listing on Vinex: Helix Network

Project introduction

Founded in 2017 in Berlin, Helix forked IOTA to develop a global messaging service with tamper-proof delivery timestamps. It is designed as a composable and extensible tool for hybrid Web3 stacks. The HelixNetwork is a high-throughput timestamping service with blockchain-level availability and trust guarantees (the network’s mainnet is already live). The project was initially focused on IoT, but the network has gradually expanded into a universal thin messaging layer with tamper-proof delivery timestamps and value transfers. The team believes that an extensible and thin timestamping layer with minimal logical and software dependencies will reduce the development cycles, thus boosting the adoption of enterprise blockchain use-cases.

The key design features of the underlying HelixMesh consensus protocol were dictated by optimizations for high throughput and minimal logical complexity: highly concurrent independent zero-fee writes are supported by the ledger at the expense of the total transaction ordering.

Further, Helix full nodes are operated by dedicated vendors (Catalysts) who may provide additional SaaS and on-site infrastructure integration services (such as custom SAP adaptors) based on the enterprise client requirements. The end clients are not directly exposed to any crypto assets as they pay in fiat for the provided services.

Helix will be listed on Vinex Network on 12:00 GMT+8 Friday 05-June-2020 while deposit is enable from 12:00 GMT+8 Wednesday 03-June-2020

More info on Helix

Official Website: https://hlx.ai/
Explorer: https://github.com/helixnetwork
FAQ: https://hlx.ai/faq-helix.html
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FoundationHelix
Telegram: https://t.me/helixfoundation
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hcc-gmbh/

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The first paid listing by $MAS on Vinex Network
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