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The Purge Day


We have been listing on IDEX and Kyber Network from 25/09 and 27/09 respectively. By October we will be finishing the distribution of bonus token. Then, we will let all Pioneers to consolidate their position on One Registered Wallet Address* of their choice and/or their Vinex Network account. After that the wallet is locked for scanning. They will have 6 days to do so: from 30/10/2018 to 05/11/2018.

Then, on the 5th of November, we will scan the wallet addresses and update the rank of all Pioneers: Apprentice, Warrior, Guardian, Jedi and Master. The pioneer that has less than 5,000 MAS will then be purged out of Pioneer Rank. All empty pioneer slots will be kept in reserve for bidding later on.

Remember, your Pioneer rank will be related to your referral reward once we roll out referral scheme for Midas Wallet download referral. The higher the rank, the more reward received.

Example: Reward for one app download referred by Apprentice: 50 MAS but by Master: 250 MAS (5 times).

Let’s create together a strong Pioneers Community for Midas to growth stronger in unity and solidarity.

* (Pioneers will need to sign a message from their wallet to confirm the addresses are theirs)

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The Purge Day
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