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Dear Midasians,

Midas team has been working tirelessly to offer additional benefits and Passive Income for our Pioneers. That includes:

  1. Rewards when voting and pooling for projects on Midas Foundation
  2. Masternode program
  3. Free Trading for low MAS locking level

As announced on 29 September, we have scanned wallet addresses and updated the rank of all Pioneers: Apprentice, Warrior, Guardian, Jedi and Master. Pioneers who possess less than 5,000 MAS will be purged out of Pioneer Rank.

Pioneer rank will correlate with referral reward once we roll out referral scheme for Midas Wallet downloads. The higher the rank, the more reward received.

For complete disclosure and transparency, we have summarized the Purge list here for your reference. Nevertheless, our paths will cross again someday. We will always welcome those in the purge list in our community as friends, either Midasian or not.

Those on the purge list will have 48 hours to top up their MAS if they wish to recover their Pioneer Rank. After that, their Pioneer slots shall be made available for bidding.

Thank you for being part of Midas ecosystem.

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